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TOP 50 Stalkers

This list shows you the top 50 Stalkers. Stalking is determined by average profile views per day during the time in which both users have been on the site. To qualify for a stalker you must have at least 75 page views of the target's profile.
Stalker Target Avg. Views Per Day
1 online status coreysprague eric 0.3307 views per day
2 online status sledgbrainerd Rachael 0.2879 views per day
3 online status Rachael sledgbrainerd 0.2689 views per day
4 online status eric coreysprague 0.1840 views per day
5 online status sledgbrainerd eric 0.1295 views per day
6 online status riotsheelds d-loot 0.1246 views per day
7 online status bonanzasteve osborne 0.1199 views per day
8 online status eric sledgbrainerd 0.1181 views per day
9 online status d-loot ParYen 0.0902 views per day
10 online status coreysprague shortbus 0.0835 views per day
11 online status ParYen d-loot 0.0828 views per day
12 online status sledgbrainerd riotsheelds 0.0761 views per day
13 online status d-loot riotsheelds 0.0732 views per day
14 online status teampeepody Rachael 0.0725 views per day
15 online status Rachael teampeepody 0.0719 views per day
16 online status riotsheelds sledgbrainerd 0.0667 views per day
17 online status johnny_luddite sledgbrainerd 0.0577 views per day
18 online status evilluke Luke 0.0542 views per day
19 online status sledgbrainerd johnny_luddite 0.0510 views per day
20 online status Vana.Rama nathunder 0.0485 views per day
21 online status coreysprague lemmonhead 0.0476 views per day
22 online status youandme T-bag 0.0470 views per day
23 online status johnny_luddite beel 0.0463 views per day
24 online status siobahnit d-loot 0.0455 views per day
25 online status eric tester 0.0446 views per day
26 online status Eraserhead sledgbrainerd 0.0435 views per day
27 online status beel Bea 0.0421 views per day
28 online status coreysprague LesAnn 0.0419 views per day
29 online status beel johnny_luddite 0.0408 views per day
30 online status shortbus coreysprague 0.0401 views per day
31 online status cozpud d-loot 0.0386 views per day
32 online status Bea beel 0.0363 views per day
33 online status lord_bearded sledgbrainerd 0.0360 views per day
34 online status d-loot siobahnit 0.0359 views per day
35 online status Eraserhead DJMOLOKO 0.0359 views per day
36 online status shortbus jwalker 0.0359 views per day
37 online status coreysprague sledgbrainerd 0.0355 views per day
38 online status coreysprague bootylicious 0.0344 views per day
39 online status Rachael Bea 0.0325 views per day
40 online status Bea Rachael 0.0317 views per day
41 online status eric thisshitsucks 0.0316 views per day
42 online status mila JustinD 0.0307 views per day
43 online status coreysprague jackamackson 0.0306 views per day
44 online status kittybomb ParYen 0.0305 views per day
45 online status whackedtollie Mika 0.0305 views per day
46 online status osborne johnny_luddite 0.0303 views per day
47 online status kittybomb eric 0.0302 views per day
48 online status T-bag youandme 0.0302 views per day
49 online status ballroom_pink derhay 0.0301 views per day
50 online status cst003 eric 0.0301 views per day