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Created by: brian_fo_sho
Tracks: 3
Length: 00:13:40
Keywords 1. gay
2. homo
3. fgt
Created on 7/26/06 02:53pm
Level 0
Points -2024
Total visitors 159
Unique visitors 81
For people who like giant dicks up their anus


1 At The Drive-In : One Armed Scissor
no description
Track 3 from Relationship of Command
Length: 00:04:19
Year: 2000
Track Description:
no description
2 Brand New : I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
no description
Track 3 from Deja Entendu
Length: 00:03:57
Year: 2003
Track Description:
no description
3 Kanye West : Spaceship (feat. GLC & Consequence)
no description
Track 6 from College Dropout
Length: 00:05:24
Year: 2004
Track Description:
no description

Tag Board

The 250th Album Badge badge
The 250th Album Badge
This is the Mixtape Collective equivalent of the Purple Heart. Kind of...
awarded on 2010-09-10

Level 29
LOL. The early days were wild.
10/31/09 09:36am
The MTC Romance Badge badge
The MTC Romance Badge
A gift for the romantics.
awarded on 2007-07-17

Level 18
why does the most BA song ever, onearmed scissor, have to be on this shit mix
5/17/07 12:19pm
The Bronze Badge badge
The Bronze Badge
Wow, one of your mixes is doing swell in the ratings! But remember, Bob Dole did 'swell' in the primaries...
awarded on 2007-06-29

Level 24
Greatest mix ever.
11/12/06 02:30pm
Team Robot - First Place badge
Team Robot - First Place
A special badge for the first-place winner of the fabled robots vs. monsters mixtape contest. As my boy Johnny 5 would say, "Robot Team kick your ass, Robot Team Kick your face, Robot Team kick your balls into outer space"
awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 28
im so happy this mix exists
9/18/06 11:47am
The MLK Badge badge
The MLK Badge
Because Civil Rights rock (and roll).
awarded on 2009-03-07

Level 27
Hey faggot,

Know what my definition of a faggot is?

A big fat motherfucking homophobe.

And I'm a woman, and I think men liking other men is sexy as hell.

So fuck off.

- Meghan, who wants to kick your ass.
9/03/06 06:05pm
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