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The two brilliant site admins for the Mixtape Collective like to check in periodically and let the users know what is on our platter.

This is the place to come to get the latest news, find out what's coming next, and to give a little feedback on our ideas.
By eric
2/18/09 08:11pm
Holla Y'allz,

Just wanted to let everyone know there are 2 mix contests up right now. Go wild.

Also, here are our options for our 4th Contest Contest:

1. Whackedtollie: Things you always sing when you're drunk

2. derhay: What if tombstones were jukeboxes?

3. Calaveth: Muzak if I ruled the world - if you got to decide, what people would be forced to listen to in elevators and shopping malls.

4. Rachael: a. Songs you are embarrassed to admit you love b. YES WE CAN mix

5. johnny_luddite: a: Shit you love that you think no one else will have heard of. b: Exception proves the rule. Pick a genre you profess to hate and then populate a mixtape with songs from that genre you kinda like. c: If you were a mixtape, what kind of mixtape would you be?

Please vote for one. Thanks lovers!

By eric
2/05/09 11:02pm
Dear Friends,

Just wanted to remind every one that there is a Valentines contest up, and thus far we only have one awesome entry, so get your love juice flowin' through your body tubes and crank out something sexy.

Also, I don't think anyone noticed, but there is a second Mix posted for presidents day. YAY!

Keep the contest suggestions comin' and those top 5 lists.


Dear the wonderful folk of the MTC,

New badges have finally been given out. I hope you like them ;)

First order of business is for me to tell you to check the contest page.

#2 - Post the 5 albums you listened to most in 2008 and get a badge. Simple. They don't have to be albums that came out in 2008.

#3 - Post a contest idea you have. Consider this the beginning of Contest Contest #4.

#4 - I have recently moved my sweet ass back to the land of Portland, Oregon. I will soon be moving into a house in South East Portland (probably). I was thinking that once I get settled there, I would like to have an MTC get-together. Everyone is invited. I thought I would mention it now so as to have enough time to plan and whatnot. Does this sound like something anyone wants to do? Or is it lame? Let me know. I was thinking we could have a little contest leading up to the thing for a party mixtape or something for us to listen to. I dont know. If you have any ideas or things you would like to see happen at something like this let me know. Im down for whatever.

#5 - That is all for now. I love y'allz.