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Tags for "i envy erotomainiacs."

Tag Board Archives

These are the tag archives for mixtape: "i envy erotomainiacs.."
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The One Year Anniversary Badge badge
The One Year Anniversary Badge
Issued to those who have stuck it out for a year here on MTC. What a long, strange trip, huh?
awarded on 2010-06-09

Level 11
Agreeing with Sparky on this one - points for Slowdive alone.
This mix is prime.
2009-09-02 01:48:05
The 250th Album Badge badge
The 250th Album Badge
This is the Mixtape Collective equivalent of the Purple Heart. Kind of...
awarded on 2010-09-10

Level 29
Points for inclusion of any Slowdive song alone. Neil gave a fine solo performance recently in Portland. Can't we just call erotomaniacs something more respectful like say, "hopeless romantics". I can't say I'm familiar with some of these songs, but I bet this is a great mix.
2009-04-03 09:31:35
The MTC Romance Badge badge
The MTC Romance Badge
A gift for the romantics.
awarded on 2007-07-17

Level 18
ok. the tape is alright. BUUUUUUUT your title contains the title from a dream theater song. guess what, +5 for pure unstoppable ballpower.
2006-08-30 22:14:59
The Yay! Badge VI badge
The Yay! Badge VI
This elusive badge is bestowed to those who can truly comprehend the colossal sophistication and the unfathomable, enigmatical origins of the elusive 'YAY!'.

Plus, 500 users. Hell yay!
awarded on 2007-05-16

Level 18
I love this tape
2006-08-29 06:21:04
The Valentine's Day 2007 Badge badge
The Valentine's Day 2007 Badge
Happy Valentine's day from the MTC staff. We really love you guys. That said, put your pants on and get out before we call the cops.
awarded on 2007-02-14

Level 21
Man, we do not have the same taste in music, do we?
2006-08-25 19:46:33