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full name Ali
age 31
location Long Island
gender female

liner notes

I'm okay.


The Newbie Badge badge
The Newbie Badge
The true sign of a fresh mixtaper. This badge is awarded to everyone. Don't feel special.
awarded on 2006-06-15
The Beta Badge II badge
The Beta Badge II
A slightly-less exclusive reward for special people. Thanks for helping us out with our second stage of beta testing. We love you silly guinea pigs!
awarded on 2006-06-15
No Badge Selected No Badge Selected Badge Slot Locked

Favorite Music Artists

  • Four Tet
  • Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Mirah
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • The Langley Schools Music Project

Favorite Songs

  • Fast Car (Tracy Chapman/Xiu Xiu)
  • Teardrop (Massive Attack/Jose Gonzalez)
  • Living Life (Daniel Johnston)
  • Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)
  • The Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright III)

Favorite 3 Movies/2 Books

  • Magnolia
  • Jackie Brown
  • The Saddest Music In The World
  • I Am Not Jackson Pollock
  • The Verificationist

Favorite Things to Look At/Watch/Think About

  • Green Grass, Blue Water, Tree Bark
  • People Unaware/Aware Of Their Own Mortality
  • Cities In Decay
  • Scales, Relativity, Existence
  • Cher

Tag Board

The One Year Anniversary Badge badge
The One Year Anniversary Badge
Issued to those who have stuck it out for a year here on MTC. What a long, strange trip, huh?
awarded on 2010-06-09

Level 11 Crosstalk!
Uh oh, a fellow Cher fan. I instantly like you.
9/29/09 10:16pm
Mixtape Contest X: First Place badge
Mixtape Contest X: First Place
In the future, Biff Tannen will almost assuredly own all of our asses. So, here's a preemptive honoring of his eventual kingship.

Congrats on first -- the future thanks you. Now, make like a tree and get the hell out.
awarded on 2007-03-30

Level 17 Crosstalk!
great taste!!
3/15/07 07:09am
The Bronze Badge badge
The Bronze Badge
Wow, one of your mixes is doing swell in the ratings! But remember, Bob Dole did 'swell' in the primaries...
awarded on 2006-10-16

Level 24 Crosstalk!
I like your band list!
I listened to two Mirah records last night in a row, it was great.
9/29/06 03:22pm
The Yay! Badge IX badge
The Yay! Badge IX
This astonishing badge is bestowed to the MTC brethren who can truly conceptualize the wondrous spectacle and mind-altering ramifications of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-08-17

Level 15 Crosstalk!
teardrop is one of the best songs to date. me gusta mucho. nice choice.
8/04/06 08:27pm
The Welcome Committee Badge badge
The Welcome Committee Badge
A uber-special badge issued to those who go above and beyond in making new members feel welcome.
awarded on 2006-07-24

Level 15 Crosstalk!
Four Tet got me through long nights at the library during college. Excellent taste! Now get on and share a mixtape with us!
6/29/06 10:52am
The Yay! Badge VIII badge
The Yay! Badge VIII
This confounding badge is bestowed to those who can truly realize the wondrous consternation and inhuman scintillance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-01-11

Level 25 Crosstalk!
Hey! You made it! Welcome to the Collective. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy mixtaping!
6/15/06 04:06pm
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