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full name Shamika
age 31
location Ohio yeah
gender female

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The Beta Badge II badge
The Beta Badge II
A slightly-less exclusive reward for special people. Thanks for helping us out with our second stage of beta testing. We love you silly guinea pigs!
awarded on 2006-06-02
No Badge Selected No Badge Selected No Badge Selected Badge Slot Locked

Favorite Music Artists

  • The Libertines
  • Kings of Leon
  • The Velvet Underground
  • Art Brut
  • The Smiths

Favorite People

  • Tolles
  • Lou Reed
  • Lester Bangs
  • Mick Jones
  • PetenCarl

Favorite Movies bitches! (will change zomg)

  • West Side Story
  • Intermission
  • Dummy
  • Liberty Heights
  • Shaun of the Dead

Favorite Movie bitches

  • Adrien Brody
  • John Cusack
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Hugh Grant
  • JimmyBilly!

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The MLK Badge badge
The MLK Badge
Because Civil Rights rock (and roll).
awarded on 2009-03-07

Level 27 Crosstalk!

5/04/08 02:23pm
The Corey Appreciation Week 2007 Badge badge
The Corey Appreciation Week 2007 Badge
Welcome to the kickoff of the Corey Appreciation Week 2007. Drinks are out back, we've got a clown magician in the living room and a trampoline in the basement. Have a good time now. Welcome to Paradise.

awarded on 2007-07-17

Level 7 Crosstalk!
say, why are you so hated?
3/29/07 03:56pm
The Riot Badge II badge
The Riot Badge II
The Riot Badge II is chemically designed and pH balanced for those who are helping fuel the flames of this mixtape fire by recruiting large quantities of new members. Truly, one of the highest honors among the MTC ranks.
awarded on 2006-08-06

Level 15 Crosstalk!
i have to agree on the smiths. what crap.
7/05/06 11:03am
The Yay! Badge IX badge
The Yay! Badge IX
This astonishing badge is bestowed to the MTC brethren who can truly conceptualize the wondrous spectacle and mind-altering ramifications of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-08-17

Level 36 Crosstalk!
I have a feeling that you "enjoying being pretentious" is the same as trying to trick yourself into liking yourself. Follow? Like reverse psychology with yourself. But if you keep listening to pussy crying music like THE SMITHS, it will undermine your efforts to be content. Ya Dig? Dont worry, once you get out of high school, you'll find that being pretentious actually only attracts snot-rocket-blowing, beer-bottle-head-smashing, pathetic assholes. Unless you move to england, which it looks like you will.
6/28/06 01:36am
The 6/6/6 Badge badge
The 6/6/6 Badge
Special thanks to those that embraced the Collective on this most sacrilegious of holidays. Mix on, you vile tormentor of souls!
awarded on 2006-06-06

Level 20 Crosstalk!
I love online communities.
6/25/06 11:31am
The July Fourth Badge badge
The July Fourth Badge
A gift from us to those who logged in on the most glorious day of the year -- America's birthday. Now, where the crap are my M-80s and beer?
awarded on 2006-07-04

Level 9 Crosstalk!
6/20/06 08:16pm
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