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full name pranay reddy
age 37
location littleton, co
gender male

liner notes

Hey Guys,

Sorry for neglecting my own sight here. I've been busy moving out of Brooklyn, recollecting my senses in hometown, Littleton, CO, busy looking toward the near-distant horizons of Los Angeles and staking out my resources there. Well, It's another quiet star-struck night in the Rocky Mountains, I stay in the guestroom in downright solitude, and I'm humming Sleater-Kinney's, "OH" in my head. What a wonderfully executed song it is. I will upkeep this thing as much as I can. But for the time being, thanks for coming and lookout in the future for awesome mixes to come.



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Favorite Music Artists

  • drive like jehu
  • dismemberment plan
  • ac newman
  • the posies
  • the beatles

Favorite sleater-kinney

  • animal collective
  • shoplifting
  • built to spill
  • silver jews
  • brian eno

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What's the reason for your move out to Los Angeles, just curious?
8/22/06 10:04pm
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Welcome to the Collective! Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy mixtaping.
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Welcome to the Collective!
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