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galaxiepi's Badges


These are the badges that galaxiepi has earned.
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The Year One Badge
Description: A "Thank You" to those who were willing to reveal the year they were born, as well as for giving the rest of us some insight into their musical taste.
Date Awarded: 9.13.08
The Yay! Badge XII
Description: Another badge for those that don't need to be bribed to Yay!
Date Awarded: 1.29.09
The Yay! Badge X
Description: You are so full of Yay! that you exclaim it even when unprovoked to do so.

Date Awarded: 12.21.08
The Yay! Badge VII
Description: This baffling badge is bestowed to those who can truly grasp the striking permanence and ungodly continuance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
Date Awarded: 8.27.07
The Yay! Badge VI
Description: This elusive badge is bestowed to those who can truly comprehend the colossal sophistication and the unfathomable, enigmatical origins of the elusive 'YAY!'.

Plus, 500 users. Hell yay!
Date Awarded: 5.16.07
The Yay! Badge V
Description: This special badge is bestowed to those who can truly understand the monolithic complexity and undeniable obscurity of the elusive 'YAY!'.
Date Awarded: 11.30.-1
The Yay! Badge IX
Description: This astonishing badge is bestowed to the MTC brethren who can truly conceptualize the wondrous spectacle and mind-altering ramifications of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
Date Awarded: 8.17.08
The Yay! Badge III
Description: A super exclusive (4 total) special badge bestowed to those who can truly understand the intricacies and cult-like implications of the phrase 'yay!'
Date Awarded: 8.23.06
The yay! Badge
Description: A super limited (5 total) special badge bestowed to those who can truly understand the dark complexities of the 'yay!'
Date Awarded: 6.28.06
The Valentine's Day 2009 Badge
Description: We've been all dating this MTC site for quite awhile now. Is it time to pop the question, or shall we wait until next year?

Here's to 3 years of goin' steady.

Date Awarded: 3.7.09
The Valentine's Day 2008 Badge
Description: Happy Valentine's day from the MTC staff. We really do love you all. So much so, in fact, that you should probably investigate a temporary restraining order -- we're crazy like that.
Date Awarded: 2.15.08
The Valentine's Day 2007 Badge
Description: Happy Valentine's day from the MTC staff. We really love you guys. That said, put your pants on and get out before we call the cops.
Date Awarded: 2.14.07
The Turkey Day Badge
Description: Things we're thankful for: Mashed potatoes, whiskey, guns, jumpropes, the internets, cassette tapes and that all of you are a part of this wonderful community.
Date Awarded: 11.24.06
The Time Badge
Description: Good things happen to people who are in the right place at the right time, just look at Nirvana...
Date Awarded: 12.10.06
The Temper Tantrum Badge
Description: A special badge honoring those among us with enough balls, audacity and lack of self-control to actually throw a temper tantrum. Now, go to your room.
Date Awarded: 10.10.06
The Tee-Ball Badge
Description: Rejoice, for your profile has been viewed 1000 times.
Date Awarded: 9.1.06
The Silver Badge
Description: Your mixtape-kung-fu is better than most.
Date Awarded: 10.3.09
The Serendipity Badge
Description: You're just too good. In looking for one thing, you found another. Way to go, champ.
Date Awarded: 8.24.06
The Riot Badge
Description: The riot badge is chemically designed pH balanced for those who are helping fuel the flames of this fire by recruiting large quantities of new members.
Date Awarded: 6.19.06
The Promoter Badge
Description: A special treat for those who go out of their way to help us spread the good word of the Mixtape Collection around the internets. Massive props.
Date Awarded: 6.14.06