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The Development Log Archives chronicle all of the development log posts made by our site admins. If we said, it's in here.
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Words of Wisdom by Sledgy
By eric
2/18/09 08:11pm
Holla Y'allz,

Just wanted to let everyone know there are 2 mix contests up right now. Go wild.

Also, here are our options for our 4th Contest Contest:

1. Whackedtollie: Things you always sing when you're drunk

2. derhay: What if tombstones were jukeboxes?

3. Calaveth: Muzak if I ruled the world - if you got to decide, what people would be forced to listen to in elevators and shopping malls.

4. Rachael: a. Songs you are embarrassed to admit you love b. YES WE CAN mix

5. johnny_luddite: a: Shit you love that you think no one else will have heard of. b: Exception proves the rule. Pick a genre you profess to hate and then populate a mixtape with songs from that genre you kinda like. c: If you were a mixtape, what kind of mixtape would you be?

Please vote for one. Thanks lovers!

Real Talk with Sledg
By eric
2/05/09 11:02pm
Dear Friends,

Just wanted to remind every one that there is a Valentines contest up, and thus far we only have one awesome entry, so get your love juice flowin' through your body tubes and crank out something sexy.

Also, I don't think anyone noticed, but there is a second Mix posted for presidents day. YAY!

Keep the contest suggestions comin' and those top 5 lists.


Yet another note from Slegington
By eric
1/29/09 09:41pm
Dear the wonderful folk of the MTC,

New badges have finally been given out. I hope you like them ;)

First order of business is for me to tell you to check the contest page.

#2 - Post the 5 albums you listened to most in 2008 and get a badge. Simple. They don't have to be albums that came out in 2008.

#3 - Post a contest idea you have. Consider this the beginning of Contest Contest #4.

#4 - I have recently moved my sweet ass back to the land of Portland, Oregon. I will soon be moving into a house in South East Portland (probably). I was thinking that once I get settled there, I would like to have an MTC get-together. Everyone is invited. I thought I would mention it now so as to have enough time to plan and whatnot. Does this sound like something anyone wants to do? Or is it lame? Let me know. I was thinking we could have a little contest leading up to the thing for a party mixtape or something for us to listen to. I dont know. If you have any ideas or things you would like to see happen at something like this let me know. Im down for whatever.

#5 - That is all for now. I love y'allz.

A note from Sledgypants.
By eric
1/08/09 10:22pm
Hey everyone,
I know I am once again behind on things. I'm working to catch up, but im in the middle of hectic times so I'm asking you all lovely MTC-ers to have some patience with me and things will be ironed out soon.

Also, There has been a new contest up that no one has noticed i think. Contest 27. Do It.

Love sledg

Another note from Sledgy
By eric
12/22/08 10:13am
Here are some words from Sledgypants:

Happy holidays everyone, A few quick things:

1 -- Check the contest page.


2 -- I love you all.


A note from Sledg
By eric
11/21/08 05:41pm
Acting as Sledg's ever-sexy proxy, here are some words:

Dear loyal MTC-ers,

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting your Halloween badges and your Halloween party badges out to you. Life has been crazy in the last month. I have actually made them but somewhere along when I was consolidating different hard drives I lost them. I will try to get them to you guys ASAP. This might be further delayed as I am going to be out on vacation starting November 21st and until Dec. 10th. If I can I will try to get them done while Im on holiday but I have no idea what internet connectivity is going to be like. Once I again, I apologize, and I will fix it as soon as possible.

Second, We have a new contest up. Its live for a whole month so make sure and take your time with it and craft a real winner!

Third, Its time once again for another "Contest Contest". Please brainstorm up some awesome ideas for contests (or anything else for that matter) and when I get back into my home country we will decide the winner(s).

Also, its going to be 2009 in no time! Get those Top-5-Albums-of-the-year lists ready because when I return there might be something special for those that like to list things.

And expect some changes around here in 2009!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you all.


Halloween Party Contest
By eric
10/20/08 10:43am
Pssssst. Word on the street is that there is a new contest posted. Get your fright on.

On a side note, anyone got any good ideas for costumes?

By eric
10/01/08 07:11pm
A message from Sledgy:

Surprise! A new Contest is up already and it's a Team Battle! Thanks to Johnny_Luddite for his help on this one. Lets keep this place movin' and a shakin'!


PS. The Potpourri 3 contest goes until this weekend so if you havent submitted for that yet, get on it! Yesssssss!

By eric
9/20/08 08:03pm
Just a heads-up, Sledg has posted Contest XXIII. Bust our your potpourri pants and get to mixin'!

Coming up next ...
By eric
9/13/08 11:35am
I'm playing proxy again for Sledg. Here's what he has to say:

Ok MTC folks, here are our options for the next contest. Please vote for one. ONLY ONE. If you mention two of them i will count the first mentioned one as your vote. Voting will be underway until next Saturday.

1. Beddy byes mix - Mix to listen to as you go to sleep.

2. Calendar mix - A song to represent each month of the year.

3. Potpourri III (@eric sez: this gets my vote)

4. The songs you should have listened to growing up, but didn't.

5. reSoundtrack a day of your life to improve/alter/direct it in some way. (In honor of some great/pretty good movies, I'm giving a 24 hour time limit. So, this could be graduation day in Texas, 1976, or friggin' Rex Manning day. It's up to you.)

6. A "Choose Your Own Adventure" style of mix. If you're not familiar with this childhood icon, brush up here: http://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Choose_Your_Own_Adventure

Sledg or Eric starts off the beginning of the adventure, and then through artist names, song names, and lyrics we continue the story through 'til the end.

7. Negativity Mix. A mixtape for someone who would be a foe of yours if they were on MTC. Could be a minor or major celeb (Sal could have Mark E Smith for instance) someone you know personally, a hated historical figure, a hated fictional character, anyone, just as long as you rip them to shreds with your mixtaping prowess and let everyone know why he/she does NOT float your boat.

8. A Wedarriffic Mix. Take two people (see categories in last idea), marry them off to each other and create a mixtape to be played at the wedding.

9. Music your Grandkids will need to know about.

10. Forget Henry, Will You Accept My Mix, Lucy Whitmore*
[a mix to woo and seek the affections of a film character] Choose your own film and character. [[*50 First Dates]]

The winning idea's owner gets a badge. YAY!

By eric
9/02/08 07:29pm
I'm playing proxy again, posting as proxy for SLEDG:

Congratulations to Calaveth, Rachael, and Johnny_Luddite, who came in First, Second, and Third Place in this very difficult contest. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Next up, another "Contest Contest", where everyone posts their contest ideas on this page, we then vote, and the winner gets a badge. If you have an idea, post it here. After a week, we will vote and after another week of voting we will have a brand new contest.

Also, I would like to see what kind of MTC wallpapers you creative folks out there can come up with. For a little side contest, you all have a whole month to submit to me your creations (in the dimensions the currently available wallpapers are in please), to:


At the end of the month we will have a vote on the winner. I encourage everyone to give it a shot!

And last, if any of you out there have any suggestions for the site, please feel free to message me about them. Daedalus suggested maybe coming up with an MTC facebook application. What do you guys think about that?

Special Badges are headed to the anyone who posts what their favorite album from the year they were born is, and why. Post it here as well.

By eric
8/17/08 07:01pm
Contest XXII has been posted, y'all. Get on it.

Many thanks to Sledg for spearheading the awesome contest committee (c)!

A message from Sledg / CONTESTS!
By eric
8/13/08 10:05am
So, since Sledg doesn't have access to post updates quite yet, I'm acting as his proxy. Here goes:

Hey MTC-ers,
Here are the narrowed down selections for the mix contest. Please pick the one that interests you and leave comment. If there was another one that was suggested in the forum thread that you prefer over these, feel free to write them in. Please keep selections to the ones that were in the thread however. I left the descriptions in the words of the people who suggested them.

1. From Johnny Luddite
"FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" A broad one this. Songs about Russia, songs with a Russian theme, Russian songs, songs that sound like they might have come from Russia, interpret it as you will.

2. From Johnny Luddite
"THE YEAR OF BUBBLING UNDER" Select the year of your choice, and fill the mix up with album tracks from that year that never went top 40.

3. From Johnny Luddite
"NOAH'S ARK OF NOISE" A mix featuring animal tracks two by two. e.g. 2 songs about dogs followed by two songs about chickens, etc etc. Maybe we could have a horrible rule for this one that once someone has posted songs with a particular animal, that animal couldn't be used again. One way to get quick spur of the moment entries.

4. From Calaveth
In the vein of Robot vs Monster, "PIRATE vs NINJA". Two teams duke it out, only the most awesome survive.

5. From Calaveth
The music you should have listened to growing up, but didn't.

6. From Cassee
You could steal a theme from the FTOTZ club and do "Sin." There are infinite possibilities for songs about bad behavior, but also sin and redemption.

7. From Bea
"The Alternate Soundtrack"
...specific scenes where music was used would be re-tracked, and in the description field for every song picked would be the name of the scene in the movie and the song originally used in it, and it would be in chronological order. The Alternate Soundtrack, you know. A real challenge could be to do this with musicals (only) and find songs that could replace the original songs exclusively written for the musical.

8. From Rachael
A mix for a celebrity/politician/public figure.

9. From Rachael
A food mix.

10. From Derhay
Forget Henry, Will You Accept My Mix, Lucy Whitmore*
[a mix to woo and seek the affections of a film character] Choose your own film and character. [[*50 First Dates]]

11. From Galaxiepi
Mixes about BALLS.

Im gonna leave the voting open until this Saturday when the winning contest goes up and the winning ideas creator gets a sweet-ass badge to show off.

So please vote and formulate some ideas for next time because these Contest idea contests are gonna become a regular occurrence. Thank you.


By eric
8/04/08 06:25pm
We officially have our first moderator. Everyone, put your grimy hands together for sledg. He's going to be helping my out with badges and contests and all that jazz.

Word on the street is that sledg is going to take a vote for contest ideas in the forum. Go check it out. While y'all are voting, I'm continuing to work on the site in my offtime.

So, to celebrate, anyone who posts 'YAY!' (within the next two weeks) gets a fancy new badge from our moderator.


By eric
7/19/08 09:02pm
Okay, everyone take a knee. ...

So, since MTC cannot die, I'm trying to formulate a gameplan to buy me time to work on the next version. As of now, the plan is to fix some of the issues with the current site (mix creation, badges, profiles) and streamline some backend processes (contests, badges, points) so that I don't have to spend so much time administering things.

Once the backend tools are in place, I might pick a few people to help me moderate and run contests.

This is all very up in the air, but I'd like to know -- what would y'all like to see fixed from your perspective. Mix creation is #1 on my list, followed by a few other annoying bugs.

Sound good? Break!

Farewell to inspiration.
By eric
7/15/08 10:35pm
As I contemplated how best to phrase the verbiage explaining why I was closing the site, I became inspired. I realized what needed to happen if I were to keep the site afloat.

Details are sparse at the moment, but I will be posting again shortly to gather feedback. This obviously isn't going to be a speedy turnaround, but I think we can make it happen.


Contest XXI is finished!
By eric
5/11/08 10:39pm
Heya! Contest XXI ended over the weekend, but I was visiting my most wonderful mother. I will do the prize issuing tomorrow, as I just got home from a 5 hour drive. eek.

Slight Update
By eric
4/14/08 11:20pm
Hey all. In betwixt moving in with the girlfriend and some heavy-duty freelance work, my spare time is almost nil. I'm ashamed at how I've neglected this site. My bad.

Expect a contest to be posted by the end of the week.

I love you all.

Contest XX is complete!
By eric
3/23/08 09:18pm
What a rad contest. Some seriously superb mixes. Congrats to everyone who played along.

A new contest is in the works, but I'll be moving this next week, so it may be a bit slow to come up. I'll keep y'all posted.

Have a good week, crew. MTC4LIFE.

Update / Contest 20 lives!
By eric
3/01/08 11:37pm
First off, contest 20 just dropped today. 20 contests. Amazing. Go play along. Awards to players.

Beyond that, I wanted to apologize for my frequent absence from the community. Both Corey and I are finding it hard to balance MTC time with that of our personal lives. Just so you all know, I'm working to find that balance.