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Development Log Archives


The Development Log Archives chronicle all of the development log posts made by our site admins. If we said, it's in here.
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Known Issues
3/09/06 10:13am
Just thought I'd touch in real quick and let you guys know about the 'known issues' that we are planning to fix:

  • When you edit a caption for a photo, the current caption is not being displayed. Don't sweat it, it is correctly stored in the database, but currently it is not showing up in the form due to some implementation issues we are having. We are looking into this.
  • Newbie badge not auto-equipping upon sign-up.
  • After editing an image caption, the gray transparency only covers one screen length.
  • mis-alignment of close button for message window
  • various IE styling errors

Thanks for all the help thus far, things are going pretty smooth thanks to you guys.

Headlines, styles and stuff
By eric
3/09/06 02:28am
So, in preparation of our presentation tomorrow, I updated the frontpage with a note to the beta testers as well as the latest headlines from the devlog.

Tweaked a bunch of styles all over the place. The CSS is getting a bit out of control. As soon as I find a good chunk of time (ie: more than 15 minutes), I'm going to go through and start pruning things.

Keep your eye out, shit is happening, fast.

Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs...
3/09/06 01:51am
So, in preparation of opening the site in the upcoming days, I've stumbled across a bunch of bugs that have been squashed...unfortunately there are many more. Oh well though, that is what beta is for.

The profiles underwent a major revamp today, they still need some work but its a start.

We've started having some friends sign up to do a preliminary debug on the signup/setup process so that it will hopefully be smooth for the open beta signups.

More news to come!

Styles Galore (and so much more!)
By eric
3/08/06 03:07am
Fixed a gripload of tiny issues that have been bugging me for awhile.

'show all' icon added / styled
badge / avatar hover background fixed
styled error messages
message center styles touched up
misc styles here and there.
created nifty 400, 404, 408 and 500 error pages.

it's 3:07am. I have to get up in 5 hours. I'm out.

Also --
By eric
3/06/06 01:40am
Tweaked the 'message center' to chopchopchop long (>35 char) subject lines. Need to get full subject line to display SOMEWHERE on messages...

By eric
3/06/06 01:39am
Spent way too much time cleaning up the little things. Lots of stuff looks (slightly) better. New 'remove tag' icons. New styles for 'contact,' 'development' and 'feedback' forms.

Still to do: determine better 'hover boxes' for all the places we use them and fix the effing 'closeButton' alignment on the ever-frustrating floatBoxes...