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Tags for "welcoming in the lull with a crooked smile and tired eyes"

Tag Board Archives

These are the tag archives for mixtape: "welcoming in the lull with a crooked smile and tired eyes."
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The Bronze Badge badge
The Bronze Badge
Wow, one of your mixes is doing swell in the ratings! But remember, Bob Dole did 'swell' in the primaries...
awarded on 2007-02-17

Level 18
I worked Retail for a couple of Christmases, I feel your pain.
Oh the whole of Dummy Oozes sex.
2007-07-27 13:24:29
The Level 10 Badge badge
The Level 10 Badge
Welcome to level 10! Credibility is just a few levels away.
awarded on 2007-03-07

Level 13
I ain't jokin woman I got to ramble.
2007-01-19 01:53:47
The Yay! Badge VIII badge
The Yay! Badge VIII
This confounding badge is bestowed to those who can truly realize the wondrous consternation and inhuman scintillance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-01-11

Level 13
i dig it
2007-01-11 00:28:09
Mixtape Potpourri I: Second Place badge
Mixtape Potpourri I: Second Place
Way to wager it all and still come back to be second place. Uncanny!
awarded on 2006-12-30

Level 17
I love Mugison! great mix.
2007-01-10 05:15:53
The Beta Badge II badge
The Beta Badge II
A slightly-less exclusive reward for special people. Thanks for helping us out with our second stage of beta testing. We love you silly guinea pigs!
awarded on 2006-12-28

Level 14
Ripping. I'm going to listen to Pet Sounds for reals soon, I've decided. And the segue to "Think about Your Troubles" is brilliant.
2007-01-02 15:42:09
Mixtape Contest XXV: 1st Place badge
Mixtape Contest XXV: 1st Place
You brutally murdered and made skin masks out of your competition! Way to go!

Congratulations on First Place!
awarded on 2008-12-21

Level 28
hella good
2006-12-28 19:31:42