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Artist Info


Name Isis
Website http://www.sgnl05.com/


Points 12510
Number of User Ratings 13
Average User Rating 3
Number of Times Artist Used In Mixes 46
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Artist 36
Average Points For Mixes Using Artist 2641
Number of Tracks By Artist 65
Average Points For Artist's Tracks 1182
Average Points For Artist's Albums 2305


Year Album Points
2006 In The Absence Of Truth 1550
2005 Oceanic: Remixes and Reinterpretations (Disc 1) 2310
2005 Oceanic: Remixes and Reinterpretations (Disc 2) 1260
2004 Panopticon 2245
2002 Oceanic 4075
2001 SGNL>05 1557
2000 Celestial 2595
1998 The Red Sea 2667
1998 The Mosquito Control EP 2486

10 most popular tracks

Track Points
False Light 2475
Red Sea 1800
The Beginning And The End 1775
C.F.T. (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution) 1650
So Did We 1600
Maritime (Teledubgnosis) 1600
Maritime 1550
Poison Eggs 1550
Maritime (Mike Patton) 1530
Hive Destruction 1500

10 most popular mixes that use this artist

Creator Mixtape Points
eric Songs my mother will never understand 5303
Eraserhead Splatterpunk: Monsters of Music 3781
coreysprague Drift 3550
eric Dear Eric 3526
sledgbrainerd Demon Robot From Outer Space (DR-FOS) 3281
sledgbrainerd Let's Complicate This Shit. 3206
shortbus Obliteration in Binary 3012
lord_bearded for at night please 2863
lord_bearded like a breath of fresh baked gross 2845

Tag Board

The Level 10 Badge badge
The Level 10 Badge
Welcome to level 10! Credibility is just a few levels away.
awarded on 2006-10-11

Level 13
have you seen the isis music video for in fiction? Dumbest shit ever.
10/08/06 10:05am
The Yay! Badge VIII badge
The Yay! Badge VIII
This confounding badge is bestowed to those who can truly realize the wondrous consternation and inhuman scintillance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-01-11

Level 25
I love this band.
5/17/06 04:53pm
The 6/6/6 Badge badge
The 6/6/6 Badge
Special thanks to those that embraced the Collective on this most sacrilegious of holidays. Mix on, you vile tormentor of souls!
awarded on 2006-06-06

Level 20
Isis is better than you.
4/13/06 05:27pm
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