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Track Info


Name Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying
Artist Belle & Sebastian
Album If You're Feeling Sinister (1996)
Track # 6
Length 00:03:25


Points 1350
Number of User Ratings 0
Average User Rating 0
Number of Times Mixes Have Used Track 2
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Track 2
Average Points For Mixes Using Track 1797

10 most popular mixes that use this track

Creator Mixtape Points
Eleutheromania Raus! 1967
sour_times ...ouch. 1628

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The Bronze Badge
Wow, one of your mixes is doing swell in the ratings! But remember, Bob Dole did 'swell' in the primaries...
awarded on 2007-02-17

Level 18
Just thought I would share a little anecdote about something that happened to me while listening to this track

If Your Feeling Sinister had just come out, and it was on pretty heavy rotation in my car stereo at the time. The time was about 2.30 in the morning and my friends and I had decided to stop and smoke some pot. Our place of choice for the deed was located at an old abandoned harbour that sits at the bottom of some sea cliffs. The road down to this harbour was nothing more than potholed dirt track dangerously close to the edge of the cliffs and it took at least 5 minutes to get from top to bottom, driving very carefully, we liked this spot as we could see cars coming down the cliffs and we had plenty of time to dispose of any evidence before any nosey police cars could show up. We very all nice and stoned, chilling out listening to the music, when one of my friends noticed a cars headlights coming down the road, one quick look later we decided that it couldnt be a police car as the lights were round and all of our police cars had square lights, so we assumed that it was other people either doing what we were (its a popular spot) or maybe a couple looking for a quiet place to get it on. So we relax again. couple of minutes past till my friend notices that it isnt acutally car head lights, its a couple of policemen shining flashlights in our car windows. All of our head swung round; we panic expecting to get busted, but to our surprise we see the cops shake their heads and walk away...........

Everytime I listen to this song; I can remember that like it was yesterday.
1/08/07 01:45pm
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