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full name petey
age 41
location wisconsin USA
gender male

liner notes

i love to party and suck on titties... me and my boys love to go out and get totally wasted rocking out real hard and then hook up like crazy with all the drunk bitchz!


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Favorite Music Artists

  • Black Eyed Pees
  • K-Fed
  • NickleBack
  • Yellowcard
  • Linkin Park

Favorite Fashion

  • American Eagle
  • Abercrombie
  • Hollister
  • Bling
  • Oakley

Favorite Movies

  • Fast and Furious
  • You Got Served
  • Into the Blue
  • Annapolis
  • Pearl Harbor

Favorite Hate

  • gays
  • stupid idiots
  • faggots
  • hippies
  • gays

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The Fortune Cookie Badge badge
The Fortune Cookie Badge
Your fortune: person who looks in unexpected places finds unexpected things.
awarded on 2007-02-10

Level 9 Crosstalk!
you spelled the name of your favourite band wrong.
10/28/07 06:13pm
The MTC Romance Badge badge
The MTC Romance Badge
A gift for the romantics.
awarded on 2007-07-17

Level 18 Crosstalk!
is this even real? can it be?
11/01/06 06:44pm
Team Robot - First Place badge
Team Robot - First Place
A special badge for the first-place winner of the fabled robots vs. monsters mixtape contest. As my boy Johnny 5 would say, "Robot Team kick your ass, Robot Team Kick your face, Robot Team kick your balls into outer space"
awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 28 Crosstalk!
damn, why cant we rate him lower?
10/20/06 08:52am
Team Monster - Third Place badge
Team Monster - Third Place
If Godzilla had fur and was called Godzilla-Yeti and could breathe fire, that be you. Welcome to third place on the winning team.
awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 16 Crosstalk!
9/12/06 07:46am
The Yay! Badge IV badge
The Yay! Badge IV
A slightly exclusive (5 total) special badge bestowed to those who can truly understand the complicated, multifaceted intricacies and religion/cult-like implications of the phrase 'yay!'
awarded on 2006-10-10

Level 14 Crosstalk!
8/30/06 08:31pm
TEAM 97 -- Team Badge badge
TEAM 97 -- Team Badge
BREAKING NEWS: Team 97 slays Team 07 in fatal mixtaping battle. More news at 11.
awarded on 2007-06-17

Level 23 Crosstalk!
+ negative 100 for that car + other thangs.
8/22/06 10:21pm
The Yay! Badge IX badge
The Yay! Badge IX
This astonishing badge is bestowed to the MTC brethren who can truly conceptualize the wondrous spectacle and mind-altering ramifications of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-08-17

Level 15 Crosstalk!
if you shake your booty real hard, i might give you a dollar.
8/04/06 09:31pm
The One Year Anniversary Badge badge
The One Year Anniversary Badge
Issued to those who have stuck it out for a year here on MTC. What a long, strange trip, huh?
awarded on 2008-05-14

Level 8 Crosstalk!
Fast and the furious is one of your favourite movies? hahah.. That is so great. Get ready for Fast and the Furious 2!!! lol

+5 I like it.
6/16/06 10:52pm
The Badge of Mystery badge
The Badge of Mystery
Huh?!? Where did this come from?
awarded on 2008-08-14

Level 26 Crosstalk!
I love that everything under your favorites applies to everything that you hate. Especially K-Fed. +1 for irony.
6/04/06 10:18pm
The MLK Badge badge
The MLK Badge
Because Civil Rights rock (and roll).
awarded on 2009-03-07

Level 27 Crosstalk!
I think I would agree with you also.
6/02/06 05:56pm
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