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Tags for "Woe Is Me"

Tag Board Archives

These are the tag archives for mixtape: "Woe Is Me."
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The One Year Anniversary Badge badge
The One Year Anniversary Badge
Issued to those who have stuck it out for a year here on MTC. What a long, strange trip, huh?
awarded on 2010-06-09

Level 11
I am attracted to this mix, and would like to take it out to dinner.
2009-09-19 09:13:26
Mixtape Contest XX -- First Place badge
Mixtape Contest XX -- First Place
After the nuclear holocaust, there will be three things left: Cockroaches, Twinkees and Keith Richards.

Keith is answer key for they test of time. And Cocaine.

Congrats on first place.
awarded on 2008-03-22

Level 17
this mix should come with a razor blade
2008-02-21 19:41:26
The Newbie Badge badge
The Newbie Badge
The true sign of a fresh mixtaper. This badge is awarded to everyone. Don't feel special.
awarded on 2007-08-01

Level 5
Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, and of course Leonard Cohen are all great for when you want sad music.
2007-08-01 12:43:12
The MTC Romance Badge badge
The MTC Romance Badge
A gift for the romantics.
awarded on 2007-07-17

Level 17
2007-07-08 12:38:36
The Festivus '08 Badge badge
The Festivus '08 Badge
Frank Costanza:

"Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way."

Festivus For The Rest Of Us, MTC 2008
awarded on 2009-03-07

Level 32
KID, your alright with me.
2007-06-29 15:47:06
The Lotto Badge badge
The Lotto Badge
The Lotto Badge is awarded only to the truly lucky. The Gods look favorably upon this one.
awarded on 2010-09-01

Level 21
I couldn't agree more with spectacularview. +++++++++++ all the way.
2007-05-14 12:20:36
The Valentine's Day 2007 Badge badge
The Valentine's Day 2007 Badge
Happy Valentine's day from the MTC staff. We really love you guys. That said, put your pants on and get out before we call the cops.
awarded on 2007-02-14

Level 16
Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Portishead, both buckleys, AND Neutral Milk Hotel?!?! + so many points for this. I think I love you.
2007-03-14 15:30:23
The Patton Badge badge
The Patton Badge
Driving Lamborghini's and sipping on martinis. This badge is for those who express their love of Mike Patton through mixtape.
awarded on 2008-08-07

Level 27
this is very nice indeed.
2006-11-07 21:40:38
TEAM 97 -- Team Badge badge
TEAM 97 -- Team Badge
BREAKING NEWS: Team 97 slays Team 07 in fatal mixtaping battle. More news at 11.
awarded on 2007-06-17

Level 23
did you make the cover?
2006-10-10 19:22:03
The Yay! Badge IV badge
The Yay! Badge IV
A slightly exclusive (5 total) special badge bestowed to those who can truly understand the complicated, multifaceted intricacies and religion/cult-like implications of the phrase 'yay!'
awarded on 2006-10-10

Level 14
+ from oh comely
2006-10-10 14:58:24
Team Robot Member badge
Team Robot Member
Despite the fact that TEAM ROBOT was crushed like a Pabst can at a frat party by the might claws of TEAM MONSTER, you are still deserving of a badge... Loser.
awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 40
+++ for the Nick Cave, Portishead, Buckley and Lanegan on the same mix. And old Cohen of course.
2006-10-10 10:17:48
The Yay! Badge VIII badge
The Yay! Badge VIII
This confounding badge is bestowed to those who can truly realize the wondrous consternation and inhuman scintillance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-01-11

Level 25
+ for the buckley factor. - for that mogwai song, i can't stand the shit out of it.

overall: +.
2006-10-10 00:08:23