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ViciousBleu's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by ViciousBleu.
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The Self Destruction Handbook
2564 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 1/20/07 01:04pm
Description: I had a hard time writing the track descriptions for this mix. My younger sister went into rehab for the second time earlier this week and I made her this mix. It's hard to watch somebody destroy them ...
Songs to Cover The Sound of Your Teeth Crying
1695 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 1/11/07 01:12pm
Description: For a person who can't not listen to music and can't not sing along...a series of instrumentals and non-sing along songs to keep her mouth still and her mind distracting when getting her wisdom teeth ...
Sharing Hour
1940 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 1/23/07 06:47am
Description: I have developed a new hobby. I cruise the shared iTunes music libraries on my campus, looking for those with songs I adore and don't have. I listen to the songs. I figure out who's library it is and ...
Music Fades and the Moment's Passed
2205 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 3/26/07 01:26pm
Description: This spring is off to such a strange start. I think I'll let it go on without me a bit, I'm just gonna go to the park, listen to music and draw robots.
It's Dreamy Weather We're On: November 2005
1968 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 1/11/07 06:48am
Description: A mix I made for my friend Sandy's birthday last year. I was trying to introduce to her some of my favorite bands and artists I adored that she hadn't heard of, while including a few songs she liked a ...
It feels like a frog is crawling out of my brain.
2218 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 1/11/07 11:12am
Description: Just a snapshot mix of what I've been listening to while I pine away for campus stuck at my mom's house.

I should've volunteered to stay in the dorms. I don't have my computer here, so I' ...
Hell Of A Place To Make Your Fortune: A Deadwood Mix
1893 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 1/11/07 07:28am
Description: Originally Created July 2006: When I wasn't watching Deadwood this summer, I was talking about Deadwood or listening to this mix wondering when I could watch more Deadwood.
Anatomy of a Saturday: Iced Coffee
2161 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 5/03/07 07:35am
Description: This is part one of my summer mix. This is the mix of fun, energy-drink songs for driving to buy groceries or go to work. The part of the day when you're just excited for no reason other than it's nic ...
A Study in Madness: Harley Quinn
2216 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 1/11/07 09:25am
Description: A mix to go with The Mad Puppy's story about Harley's time in Arkham falling for the Joker. All quotes are from "A Mad House Romance".