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cst003's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by cst003.
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You Know That At One Time I Had Flippers?
1837 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 9/25/08 03:06pm
aloha! como estas usted?
working out!
2457 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 11/13/06 11:58am
Description: i work out (occasionally-ish) and always find it goes better when i have some music to help me along. rather fast paced mix here in the beginning, if i slow down at all ill stop completely doing cardi ...
two headed neal, the wunderkind
1551 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 7/26/08 12:59am
Description: he sits atop his mountain thinking the thoughts that are necessary.

self-autobiographical musical sketch of dave @ 02:57 2008.07.26
2291 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 12/08/06 05:42pm
Description: and there was this bear, see, eating lots of bark, see. so one day this bear, see, well, this bear, he went into the woods, see. and thats about it.
take your time, i promise i dont mind
2871 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 5/28/06 03:23am
Description: for the past few months ive been doing nothing but waiting in between small spurts of great activity. its killing me. great lengths in music and in theme to convey my mood.
2298 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/22/06 03:43pm
Description: an idea i thought id try.

spring songs will be light, rainy & sunny.

summer will be heavier and harder edged. mindless fun.

fall will be moody and a bit dark. < ...
2314 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/26/06 04:49pm
Description: the dance mix from dave. these are the songs that produce a reaction within my lower regions... they start to gyrate!

it seems most of the songs from the second half will build into the d ...
on this day in daveland, 2007.06.26
2049 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 6/26/07 01:50pm
Description: it's drizzly & valium's coursing through my veins and i needed to make a mix to suit today. and i made the highest grade in my sociology class on our test yesterday.

oh christ, another fucking summer
1536 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 10/09/07 02:09pm
Description: texas summers suck. period.

im getting the hell out of here.

...oh shit, it's now autumn & this was never released. an ep i guess.
mood forecast : shitty
2522 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 10/24/06 07:54pm
Description: hey guess how i feel today!
mix made under sedated hands
2008 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 8/16/07 09:48pm
Description: welcome to a holiday mix. at the end of each day, [either through a democrazy or some blood ritual] a track will be added and espoused upon.

simple idea? we'll see when my siste ...
Life of a junkie
2182 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 3/28/07 08:46pm
Description: take this as audiobiographical, or as a journey. everyone has urges.. some are more powerful than others.

taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.
kwisatz haderach's bar mitzvah
2161 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 11/02/07 04:32pm
Description: you are hereby cordially invited to the bar mitzvah of our kwisatz. he's 13!
Killer Cover Man
2276 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/29/06 11:59am
Description: im a big fan of covers, if theyre done right. there has to be a special something about the new version's vocals, instrumentation or arrangement that makes me stand up and take notice. sometimes, a co ...
Keep your pants on Sarah, we have guests coming!
3342 points (Level 7)
Date Created: 4/17/07 11:32pm
Description: idea: get trashy drunk, call up a couple of friends to come over. about 1am turn on the speakers and go until the fucking po-lice get called.

and dance. to everything trashy and glamerous ...
It's In Our Hands, It Always Was
1318 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 8/14/09 12:08am
Description: this mix celebrates the versatility the human hands possesses as a percussion instrument. almost all these songs have real-life hand clapping, but a few feature the 808-synth hand clap sound as well. ...
it's about sex.... i think.
2259 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 11/16/06 07:25pm
Description: sexual overtones, innuendo, hidden meaning
i dedicate this to all those who will come before
1316 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 3/24/09 02:54am
Description: it's your mix. i dont know if you already dig this, or might dig it. but this one goes out to you.

floorboards are moaning underneath my feet
i cant be blamed for nothing anymore
1545 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 11/07/07 09:22pm

2579 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 8/04/06 09:56am
Description: Songs about being a robot, or doing robot things.. songs that feel like a robot built them, or sings them to itself at night.