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the_moviegoer's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by the_moviegoer.
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let's trip balls and play ball
2923 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 11/09/07 05:57pm
Description: On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis, former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, pitched a no hitter against the Padres while he was tripping on LSD. An excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Ellis:
kinda bad, kinda good.
1987 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 10/12/07 04:45pm
Description: I'm sorry. I've been on here for a year + and haven't created anything. I have been lurking, and enjoying all of your mixes. As an apology, I wanted to created something that we could all dance too ...
i passed astronomy
2174 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 12/20/07 11:00am
Description: i have been dead to the world due to finals. i had to study extremely hard for a intro level astronomy class that i failed last semester. this seriously is the least difficult class in the world (or ...
i like winter, but only because it's not winter yet
2271 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/15/07 08:50am
Description: Am i the only person who has an extremely romanticised view of winter? You know, right now i'm excited for snowball fights, hot cocoa, cuddling to keep warm. But ask me in two months when I have to ...
fuck valentines day
1807 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 2/11/08 09:50pm
Description: i was making a list of songs for my radio show tomorrow. the theme is 'fuck valentines day'. i also haven't made any mixes in a while, so i figured i'd use this as an opportunity to say hi, i'm alive ...
biting my nails
2137 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/14/07 09:37pm
Description: i told the guy that i've been flirting with for a year that i have a really huge crush on him. it's pretty awkward right now.

this is the mix for him. i'm not going to give it to him. t ...