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Album Info


Name Ænima
Artist tool
Release Year 1996
# of Tracks 15


Points 6657
Number of User Ratings 5
Average User Rating 2.4
Number of Times Songs From Album Used In Mixes 23
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Tracks From Album 21
Average Points For Mixes Using Tracks From Album 2286
Number of Tracks Associated With Album 15
Average Points For Album's Tracks 1342

Track Listing

These tracks correctly adhere to the number of tracks specified for this album.
# Track Points
1 Stinkfist 2165
2 Eulogy 1000
3 H 1400
4 Useful Idiot 1250
5 46&2 1000
6 Message to Harry Manback 1250
7 Hooker With a Penis 1125
8 Intermission 1760
9 Jimmy 1300
10 Die Eier Von Satan 1250
11 Pushit 1665
12 Cesaro Summability 1000
13 Ænima 1365
14 (-) ions 1350
15 Third Eye 1250

10 most popular mixes that use tracks from this album

Creator Mixtape Points
cst003 days away 3648
eric Introductions, Part I 3346
shortbus Obliteration in Binary 3012
T-bag These Idle Hands Do the Devils Work 2611
teampeepody Songs That Make Me Want To Bash My Boss (more) 2499
lord_bearded there is no you and there is no me 2488
sledgbrainerd Little Ian Wants to Dance 2459
sledgbrainerd I <3 RIVETS 2448
TheLucc ::Snooze:: 2441
T-bag R.I.P. Samantha 2309

Tag Board

Team Robot - First Place badge
Team Robot - First Place
A special badge for the first-place winner of the fabled robots vs. monsters mixtape contest. As my boy Johnny 5 would say, "Robot Team kick your ass, Robot Team Kick your face, Robot Team kick your balls into outer space"
awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 28
most of my fav TOOL tracks, but not my fav album.
i like the flow behind lateralus better..
6/01/06 03:40pm
The Yay! Badge VIII badge
The Yay! Badge VIII
This confounding badge is bestowed to those who can truly realize the wondrous consternation and inhuman scintillance of the of the elusive 'YAY!'.
awarded on 2008-01-11

Level 25
One of my all-time favourite albums. Damn near perfect.
5/16/06 01:06am
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