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Artist Info


Name Earth
Website http://www. thronesanddominions.com/


Points 5290
Number of User Ratings 2
Average User Rating 4
Number of Times Artist Used In Mixes 15
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Artist 15
Average Points For Mixes Using Artist 2509
Number of Tracks By Artist 33
Average Points For Artist's Tracks 1122
Average Points For Artist's Albums 1519


Year Album Points
2007 Hibernaculum 1600
2005 Dissolution III - Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword 1000
2005 Legacy of Dissolution 1358
2005 HEX: Or Printing in the Infernal Method 3150
1996 Pentastar: In the Style of Demons 1250
1995 Phase 3 - Thrones and Dominions 1100
1995 Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars Live 1450
1994 Extra-Capsular Extraction 1250

10 most popular tracks

Track Points
Left In The Desert 1900
Raiford (The Felon Wind) 1750
Tethered to the Poleyester 1500
Divine and Bright 1450
Miami Morning Coming Down 1300
Coda Meastro in F (flat) Minor 1300
A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge (Part 2) 1250
Coda Maestoso IN F [flat] / Autechre 1250
Charioteer (Temple Song) 1250
Phase 3: Agni Detonating Over theThar Desert... 1100

10 most popular mixes that use this artist

Creator Mixtape Points
sledgbrainerd Hanging with Your Girlfriends Gross-Ass Friends 4822
sledgbrainerd Let's Complicate This Shit. 3206
sledgbrainerd I Have a Problem 2965
sledgbrainerd Big Takeover: A Mix to Stimulate Your Naughty Bits 2844
lord_bearded the reverse of the will 2826
lord_bearded "That's how much fuck fish." 2625
Val This Is All True 2522
lord_bearded Nice Try You Little Creep 2271
sledgbrainerd To Leave Yourself Marooned. 2222
chimp_and_zee Funkless, Souless: Alternative songs for and about sex 2197

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