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sparkymonroe's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by sparkymonroe.
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Woozy 2sies
1081 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 2/05/10 06:51pm
Description: This mix was my attempt to create a themed mix for the month of January/Februrary for the FTOTZ mix club using songs with the idea of "two".

It took some tweaking, but I think it turned o ...
Wide My World, Narrow My Bed
1427 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 6/11/09 12:42pm
Description: I met this great girl in NYC and we went drinking for a few hours. We live thousands of miles apart. She wanted a mixtape with jazz vocals on it. So here it is. She also had other mixtape requests ...
We should figure out a reason, a point to being me and you
1285 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 8/16/11 02:41pm
Description: This is part 2 of the sad-ass mix I started just a little while ago. I just want her to figure out that there's nothing to be afraid of, but she may never figure that out - especially since she's deci ...
1151 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 1/09/11 01:40pm
Description: I recently made some nicely priced additions to the piles of musical wax in my room. Lots of early to mid nineties grunge/punk bands, some girl groups of the 60's, and even some folk music. So I lis ...
Tuesday Morning Coming Down
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 7/21/10 03:21pm
Description: This is the hazy and lazy let-yourself-down mid-morning soundtrack for nursing yourself through the results of a three day weekend or an insufferably prolonged working week. Take your pick.
1056 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 7/26/10 03:50pm
Description: Short, sweet, sly, and not so sophisticated. A trashy batch.
This Mix Is a Flat-Chested Woman Pretending to Be..
1046 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 1/04/10 01:40pm
Description: This mix has body-image issues, but pretends it doesn't. On most scales, it is phat, nonetheless. From the big meaty bouncy grooves of Starfucker, to the emaciated tones of Interpol, to the sweet co ...
Things Don't Always Turn Out as Planned
1149 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 11/04/09 06:28am
Description: I made this mix for the August 2009 FTOTZ mixtape exchange. I wanted to do a cover chain straight through, but, for the sake of sounding decent, I had to cut some songs, thus cutting the chain into a ...
these songs
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 8/31/10 06:26am
Description: The long ass title, which extends all the way through keyword #3,
is a joke.
there is no
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 8/22/10 02:11pm
Description: I'm going to "transfer" a bunch of my mixes from Art of the Mix over here. Since there's not a ton of people using the site during this "dead time", I figured it would be a good time to do it. These ...
The Wise Kindness of Cold Swedish Shoulders
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 8/27/10 11:23pm
Description: Another mixtape drudged up. I remember I took the title from an incident where I was about to leave Gothenburg and a girl who had been the light of my social life, upon learning of my impending depar ...
Sunset Taste Test
1337 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 2/20/10 08:55am
Description: When the sun goes, nobody knows what comes next. I think this mix is for when you're alone and taking walks, trying to right your heart and your head, and if you go out to a bar it's not to drink, bu ...
Strangers Wishing On the Same Stars
1392 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 1/17/10 11:54am

I chose songs that were either blatantly related to the nighttime or songs which went well with the darkness. Nighttime can conjure up all sorts of emotions, especially when you're alon ...
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 9/21/10 05:41pm
Description: I got the hankering for that good stuff and it did me in. SPRUNG to DEATH!

----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

a note:
songs from 1988
1208 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 8/26/09 07:49pm
Description: I have no idea why I made this mix in the early morning hours yesterday. Imperfect nostalgia, I suppose. You stare at the wall for a bit and sometimes things like this happen.

So, these ...
Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed (Pt.1)
1200 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 11/11/10 09:02am
Description: Someone suggested I make this mix, so I did. Part Uno has a waywardly country feel to it and it's a tad goofy to boot.
Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed (Pt. 2)
1200 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 11/11/10 09:02am
Description: Part 2 is a little more somber for no reason at all.
Soft Rock Suicide
1410 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 6/06/10 05:50am
Description: If you've ever had occasion to listen to the soft rock, whether it was during a road-trip hostage crisis, or while hunting and gathering at the grocer's, or while waiting to have a tooth pulled, then ...
SNOW-IN 2008
1203 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 1/09/10 06:52am
Description: A cabin fever induced snow themed mix that I put together during December 2008 while snowed in. I made use of the electricity while it was available.

The cover is a picture ...
She Was a Plea Bargain in a World of Alibis
1000 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 7/23/10 10:38pm
Description: OK, someone who meant a lot to me came back into my life and I don't know what to do about it, so, as a purely knee jerk reaction, I made a mix. It's a nervous habit, I know.