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Faces Of Death

Faces Of Death
Created by: T-bag
Tracks: 1
Length: 01:05:35
Keywords 1. Mix Contest 17
2. Mix Contest 17
3. Mix Contest 17
Created on 11/15/07 08:38pm
Level 3
Points 1675
Total visitors 45
Unique visitors 33
This mix was ranked #11 out of 12 entries for this contest
Aww meth, what a crazy drug. I've never done it myself and I don't think I ever will, but since many of my family members use it, I live in a dark world vicariously through their crazy stories of using and wanting more.
A cousin who I grew up with is a user who goes in and out of rehab frequently. This mix is dedicated to his crazy meth related experiences. I chose the heaviest single track I could find that could find to match the craziness of my cousin's story and I wanted to try a hand at the challenging one track mixtape.
My cousin grew up on The Rez, almost all of his drug related problems/stories stem from that terrible place. My cousin had been seeing one of my uncle’s ex-girlfriend for a few days while both were on a meth binge. While tweaked out of his mind, after smoking an 8ball my cousin and his girlfriend decided to walk down to the gas station store and grab some soda. He said that out of nowhere our uncle and a friend came around a corner driving full speed towards them with the driver slamming on the breaks before hitting them. I guess our uncle jumped right out of the car and confronted my cousin (he said that our unlce he was "gacked" as well). In the confrontation our uncle punched my cousin in the face angering him. My cousins a big guy for 5'9 weighing in at 250 lbs (when doing meth), I've seen him personally knock out at least 5 people in my life (He has heavy hands and has a short temper to match). Compare that with this certain Uncle who is 5'6 and while tweaking weighed 140lbs. My cousin goes onto say that he punched our uncle in the face breaking his jaw. At this point he said his girlfriend was going crazy yelling and being stupid bitch (his words), while the driver was yelling at my uncle to hurry up and leave. My cousin goes on to explain the craziest thing he's seen while fighting, my uncle jumps back up immediately and punches my cousin in the face again then running away this time. He then begin to pick up pieces of pavement from a crumbled sidewalk and started throwing it at my cousins head, apparently after that they got into a sidewalk throwing fight, cutting each others face pretty badly. My uncle then jumps out of the car and they leave the way they showed up, driving full speed. My cousin, not looking for trouble while being in that state, fled with his girlfriend back to her trailer (no joke).
While cleaning up his mess of a face, my cousin says that our uncle showed up trying to break into the house, when he couldn't get in he grabbed a weed whacker and proceeded to break out all of the trailer windows. Fed up with our uncle, my cousin went outside with a baseball bat to scare our uncle away. As soon as he stepped out of the trailer my uncle hit him in the with the weed whacker (holding backwards). My cousin said that he hit my uncle in the side with the baseball bat, (breaking three of his ribs) sending him back against a small tree that was next to the trailer. Before my uncle could recover, my cousin says he hit my uncle on top of the head causing blood to splatter all over the tree. My cousin ended up giving my uncle a concussion, almost killing him. This incident caused a lot of uproar in my family dividing it for some time.
In recent news I heard my cousin was stabbed five time by somebody's girlfriend (supposedly he was beating her boyfriend half to death). Crazy people, crazy mix to match..


1 Boris : Absolutego
Track 1 from Absolutego - Special Low Frequency Version
Length: 01:05:35
Year: 2001
Track Description:

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Yeah, There are some crazty stories involving my family members, drugs in and or out of prison, Sorry about typos, I was on my way out when I thought of the mix.
11/15/07 10:04pm
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