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Album Info


Name OK Computer
Artist Radiohead
Release Year 1997
# of Tracks 12


Points 15753
Number of User Ratings 11
Average User Rating 3.27
Number of Times Songs From Album Used In Mixes 57
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Tracks From Album 55
Average Points For Mixes Using Tracks From Album 2334
Number of Tracks Associated With Album 13
Average Points For Album's Tracks 2152

Track Listing

These tracks correctly adhere to the number of tracks specified for this album.
# Track Points
1 Airbag 1500
2 Paranoid Android 4849
3 Subterranean Homesick Alien 1550
4 Exit Music (For A Film) 3765
5 Let Down 2155
6 Karma Police 2309
7 Fitter Happier 2100
8 Electioneering 1300
9 Climbing Up The Walls 1500
10 No Suprises 2450
11 Lucky 1856
12 The Tourist 1450

Problem Tracks

These tracks conflict with the album's tracklist and have been separated.
# Track Points
10 No Surprises 1200

10 most popular mixes that use tracks from this album

Creator Mixtape Points
shortbus The Chills: Spine Tingling Songs 3496
osborne jumblejumble. 3223
riotsheelds Monsters are so 18th century 3194
zen_arcade Raindrops Before Dawn 3175
youandme fuckshitbitch 3171
sal_paradise Sitting in a truck, watching a giant dildo crush the sun 3116
sledgbrainerd I Got Honey on Me!: A Drug Orgy Mixtape 3064
Eraserhead Insanity Through Soundwaves 3014
shortbus Obliteration in Binary 3012
nopolian homemade spaceship 2953

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Mmm radiohead
6/23/06 05:23pm
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