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fullcontactchess's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by fullcontactchess.
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The Unauthorized Biography of Henry Chinaski
2136 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 12/08/07 11:55am
Description: Ed Finnerty and I had been kicking around this theme for doing a Bukowski mix. I am posting mine. Just some songs that would have a place in some of his books. This was pretty fun to make.

Seasonal Autumn Disorder
2107 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/23/07 02:27am
Description: Fall is here.

I have a batch of songs that I listen to quite a bit during Fall. However, they happen to be really depressing. I usually listen to them when it's raining out or if I just w ...
New Plastic Explosion : A Power Pop Mix
2207 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 7/27/07 02:39pm
Description: I have had a rough outline of this mix for a while. I keep adding and subtracting songs all the time.

A major source of inspiration for this mix was the Poptopia! series from Rhino. If y ...
2167 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/29/07 02:49am
Description: I have a confession.

I really can't stand people's 80's mixes. I think most are bland and lack imagination. And I notice that most of them are put together by people who were born in the ...
Melodies For The Sofa
2277 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 7/23/07 02:11pm
Description: I recently got back into contact with an old friend thru the power of Myspace. I used to make tapes for him back when we worked together in a semiconductor fabrication plant. He asked me to send him s ...
It's Late And I Really Must Be Going.
2205 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 8/27/07 01:08pm
Description: Title is from a vivid dream I had years and years ago. I dreamt my friends threw me a party and they wouldn't let me leave the house. They said that I would die if I left the party and would try anyth ...
I'd Like To Set Off An Alarm Today....
2092 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 8/22/07 07:08pm
Description: I needed something to listen to on my way to work because I am in a rut. I grabbed some new stuff, some familiar and some that I thought would be good to listen to on my usual 30 minute drives to and ...