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Artist Info


Name John Martyn
Website http://www.johnmartyn.net


Points 4650
Number of User Ratings 2
Average User Rating 2.5
Number of Times Artist Used In Mixes 16
Number of Distinct Mixtapes Using Artist 16
Average Points For Mixes Using Artist 2076
Number of Tracks By Artist 36
Average Points For Artist's Tracks 1099
Average Points For Artist's Albums 1310


Year Album Points
1998 The Church With One Bell 1370
1982 Well Kept Secret 1370
1977 One World 1900
1975 Sunday's Child 1660
1975 Live At Leeds 1120
1973 Inside Out 1550
1973 Solid Air 2010
1971 Bless The Weather 1160
1970 The Road To Ruin 1080
1969 Stormbringer 1080
1968 The Tumbler 1080
1967 London Conversation 1040
0000 Ain't No Saint (disc 1) 1300
0000 Ain't No Saint (Disc 3) 1050
0000 On The Cobbles 1100
0000 Ain't No Saint disc 1 1100

10 most popular tracks

Track Points
I'd Rather Be The Devil 1550
Dealer 1550
Changes Her Mind 1370
Outside In 1350
Solid Air 1300
For The Love Of You 1300
Call Me Crazy 1250
How Fortunate The Man With None 1250
Root Love 1250
Couldn't Love You More 1150

10 most popular mixes that use this artist

Creator Mixtape Points
johnny_luddite Outsiders Looking In 3076
johnny_luddite What Generation Gap? 2658
johnny_luddite Johnnyluddite's Fiftieth Symphony 2603
johnny_luddite This one goes out to... 2569
johnny_luddite Not On An Oldies Station 2 - The 70's! 2448
johnny_luddite M.O.O.Bs (Mostly Obscure Old Buggers) PART 1 2324
johnny_luddite Finchley Boys 2196
johnny_luddite Fountain Of Time 2146
johnny_luddite Just Sing No! 2115
johnny_luddite Time Out Of My Mind 2068

Tag Board

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Team Robot Member
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awarded on 2006-10-18

Level 40
I am guessing that I am the only person who listens to John Martyn at MTC, but that is ok. He is an acquired taste, a genre hopping maverick who made his first album 40 years ago, and someone who has not quite finished yet. The early albums are folky. Then, by 'Bless The Weather', a jazzy experimentation creeps in. aLong with Martyn's unique echoplex guitar technique. Later albums show him dabbling in rock, blues, reggae, white soul, and latterly trip-hop, a genre where he is an unacknowledged founding father. Difficult, often drunk, but always close to brilliant, Martyn has consistently written great songs over the years. I am slowly trying to add all his main canon of albums to the collective (not even counting the many live albums) but it will be a slow process. There is a lot of stuff out there!
1/21/07 08:50pm
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