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Bea's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by Bea.
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Word (0507)
2039 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 5/25/07 03:14pm
Description: > This is my Top 20 list of most played songs of all times as it appears on iTunes as of today, May 25, 2007.

> I have listened to those songs many times individually ever since I got my ...
Superlative, Thy Name Is Potpourri III
2706 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 9/23/08 01:23pm
Description: I'm just kidding, I don't like to be the most superlative.
Strawberry Jam
2444 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/14/07 04:16pm
Description: Damn... Am I blurping out intimate stuff again?
2726 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 5/06/07 05:43am
Description: Whenever I feel like pretending to be sexy. Which is SO put off. I don't really know why I bother anymore. I am a complete dork anyhow. I have as much sex appeal as a car crash involving your entire f ...
Night Beats
2135 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 6/11/07 11:46am
Description: The 90's never meant much good to me; the fact that we were encouraged to worship the Spice Grrls and Aqua, wear tacky-as-hell Buffalos, trade Caps and Magic Cards (alright, I admit, that was kind of ...
La Citta Eterna
2168 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 3/16/08 04:25am
Description: You know what else has stood my personal 'test-of-time'?


Well, I guess friends come and friends go. So do bands and songs. I'm not exactly waiting for these ...
2482 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 5/14/07 09:37am
Description: I'm not gonna describe this one. Or... Well. I need this kind of mix in my life. That is why I made it. Er. Just a note: This lacks a serious amount of Radiohead... They're all so good, their songs, I ...
Faith, Trust and <i>Pixie Dust</i>
2455 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/05/07 03:57pm
Description: To die would be an awfully big adventure
...especially if I could get all the artists in this mix to perform at my funeral and be able to watch.

I've always wanted my ...
Don't Take My Word For It
2475 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 7/03/07 01:59pm
Description: That's right. Go make yourself this mix if you're not sure if it works.
Or simply take my word for it.

I compiled most of this mix when I came home from a Modest Mouse concert last ...