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derhay's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by derhay.
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1412 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 9/25/08 12:57pm
Description: a.k.a my Forget Juan Antonio, Will You Accept My Mix, Vicky mix.
5 ft 9 Rebecca Hall and me.

This was a daydream. I loved the first part of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but I couldn't ...
Zeb's Porch
1341 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 1/16/09 03:11pm
Description: Zeb's Porch has been a mix I've tried to compile over the last few months. The porch is a place where I would like to host fun, intimate shows. It is also a state of mind. Several songs transport me t ...
2057 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/22/08 11:15am
Description: Sweet, sweet potpourri.
Xylo Mifune
1626 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 8/04/08 12:47pm
Description: Simple enough concept. I've tried to compile a nice mix of songs that either use a xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel or other Miss America Talent Competition-worthy instruments, i.e. bottles, barrels, ...
Whatta Garjus Ahrunj Taruss
2672 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 10/27/06 03:37pm
Description: This was a "failed" mix that I challenged myself to make. I wanted to do an A to Z mix, but have the tracks run Z to A respectively. I am two tracks short of making this mix on my own (+ track 10 is a ...
1509 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 11/18/08 11:15am
Description: Through finding out more about Black Mountain, I have been listening to The Pink Mountaintops. TPM covers Joy Division's "Atmosphere", but to me it sounded like The Velvet Underground were covering it ...
two (and a sea monkey) for the road
1828 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 1/21/08 11:59am
Description: I saw Juno around the same time that I heard Kings of Leon's "Knocked Up" for the first time. That got the wheels spinning. These are songs that set a different path for Juno (think Sliding Doors). Th ...
1916 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 2/16/07 09:46am
Description: Twibute is my tribute to Stephanie Meyer's book Twilight. The cover is a Photoshopped watercolor picture I painted.

Our neighborhood is having a talent night and I wanted to submit a pict ...
2006 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 2/20/08 04:04pm
Description: This is a C60 mix for driving my wife's '96 Ford Windstar, on the days she has part-time work past "the point of the mountain." Stylin'

Several weeks ago I created a mix with the first ei ...
tickets to the submarine races
1612 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 2/06/09 11:10am
Description: go to town
The Time Traveler's Wife
1892 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 2/29/08 09:09am
Description: "I have a condition which I'm told will become known as Chrono-Impairment. I have difficulty staying in the present."

"I'm sorry?"

"I travel in time. Involuntarily."
< ...
The Jon Voight  Made Me Mix It
1478 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 6/13/08 10:07am
Description: Conspiracy theory mix. I can't prove that Mr. Voight is the busdriver to Beelzebub, but I've held to Bobby Bouche's mama's faith that "He's the Devil!"
The Blue Pill
2337 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 8/25/06 10:29am
Description: The Blue Pill: Step Away from Awareness
Part I: Choose a Mood
Part II: Dwell
Part III: Glimmer

I am not an optimist, but I highly value happiness and life, and as such t ...
Tha DaVinci Mix
2276 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 10/30/06 03:46pm
Description: The ghost runner, on first, is The Lightning Seeds' "All I Want" is...
2465 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 1/30/08 04:39pm
Description: a.k.a. a C60 for my cassette years
Stuffed in a Vent
1423 points (Level 2)
Date Created: 8/29/07 08:51am
Description: My neighbor called me out this morning for not acknowledging his salutation as he passed me, swearing into his cell phone, as he was going upstairs. I walked to my car and then he walked over and aske ...
Spring Break 1899: Girls Gone Ingalls Wilder
1675 points (Level 3)
Date Created: 6/13/08 10:35am
Description: Shadoobie. This is a FTOTZ mix I made for mandalaya, from Rotterdam. I let her know that she could be my proxy on July 6th and attend the Metropolis Festival at Zuiderpark and see DeVotchKa and Murder ...
1132 points (Level 1)
Date Created: 3/18/10 04:02pm
Description: It has been nearly three months since I've needed to hear this mix, and nearly eight months since I made it.

I play this when life is really weighing me down.

Today is my bi ...
soot and sentiment
1904 points (Level 4)
Date Created: 1/06/09 02:36pm
Description: Two-night event. Six bands. One resurrection.

night one - at the Winchester - hosted by Bill Nighy

Black Mountain, The Black Angels and The Black Keys

The Winch ...
Scented Bags
2119 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 12/07/06 03:45pm
Description: Great concept.

1. My Favorite Album Opener
2. A Song About Animals
3. A Song That Makes Me Want To Commit A Felony
4. A Song About Sex
5. A Song Michael Bolto ...