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sledgbrainerd's Mixes


These are mixtapes created by sledgbrainerd.
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Yeah, I used to be into them...
2551 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 3/03/08 11:55am
Description: There are a lot of bands that, at a certain point in time, I was really "into". Many of these I would later become disenchanted with for one reason or another.

I still enjoy some of th ...
Where Did Those Come From?
3218 points (Level 7)
Date Created: 8/01/06 08:05pm
Description: This contest allowed for some interesting decisions on my part. A lot of people on this mix I wouldn't ever think to put on the same mix with some of the others. Or on any mix, for that matter.
Wha' Happend?
2530 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 6/12/07 05:53pm
Description: Here is a mix for Eric and Corey to listen to while they solve the mystery.
Wedding at a Funeral
2747 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 8/29/07 06:01pm
Description: About a month ago I was searching through the VHS at the local Goodwill (on Vine and Lexington, I think) and I came across a movie entitled "Wedding at a Funeral". It was some z-grade comedy with no ...
Wake Up, Make Breakfast, Make Love, Take Shower, Make Love.
3339 points (Level 7)
Date Created: 6/23/06 11:07am
Description: This is for those days off where you enjoy the intoxicating feeling of doddling. Completely content. You make good lovin' to that someone special and relax to the grooves on this mix. You feel drunk ...
Visca Versa 2
2560 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 6/25/07 10:48am
Description: Here is my part of the conversation through mix with my buddy Tal Pal.
To Leave Yourself Marooned.
2222 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 2/09/07 04:40pm
Description: Sometimes I just need to be alone. Especially so in the new town I'm living in. Sometimes I just need to be a sad bastard. A side effect of sleep deprivation, I think.

This is f ...
Think of Me While You Listen to This Please.
2918 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 11/18/06 01:12am
Description: I have made several of these types of things already, but here is my version of an "Instructional Video" but as a mix. If you want to enhance this experience even further, I recommend Baron Rothschi ...
The Walk of Shame
3041 points (Level 7)
Date Created: 7/18/06 06:22pm
Description: This is a mix I made for walking home in the morning after drinking all night and passing out at random peoples houses. It usually takes about an hour to about an hour and 15 minutes to get home from ...
Tangled Up in Potpourri
2410 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/21/08 03:30pm
Description: Here it is.

I attempted to still make it an actual mix that flows together well, and i think i pretty much succeeded. Yesssssss.

Look in my mix thread in the forums for where ...
Taking the Biggest Dump EVER: A ROUGH Mixtape.
2670 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 5/31/06 05:06pm
Description: This mix is for when you realize you are not going to be getting off of the toilet anytime soon, and you need something that feels your pain and will help you "fight the good fight".
SUPERSOAKER MD 20/20 Texas Gladiators
3267 points (Level 7)
Date Created: 11/13/07 03:01pm
Description: The cover is a picture of a man's super soaker collection. He owns every model super soaker ever made. There are so many in the picture that I had to crop some of them out. I had a super soaker onc ...
Slayin' Poons and Peepin' Tunes
2927 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 5/14/06 02:50pm
Description: This is for drivin' chicks around in your pimped out ride, goin' to parties, and then giving more chicks rides around.
Sausage Fest!
3567 points (Level 8)
Date Created: 4/19/07 11:17am
Description: I, sledgbrainerd, used to live in a house with Eric, our friend Wispy (aka Zakky Wispaz), and Jon Raby (w/ his fucking disgusting zombie dog named Scooter). We called this house LAZERBEAMS. In the d ...
Sadness in Generalities
3586 points (Level 8)
Date Created: 8/25/06 06:22pm
Description: Something that not a whole lot of people know about me is that I go through months-long bouts of depression pretty regularly. Nothing in particular gets me down, but everything does. Over time Ive ...
Romance Mix for Pretty Pretty
2015 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 9/13/08 12:29pm
Description: Well, my friends, I held off for a long time, but I now am posting a "For a Girl" mix.

Here is a mix I made for the one with which I am smitten with.

I already gave it to h ...
Robo-Nude: Sounds of Machine Love
2309 points (Level 5)
Date Created: 8/27/06 06:36pm
Description: This is a mix that I gave a Cyborgian Gigolo named Robo-Nude. He used to use it while he serviced his "clients" to put them in the mood. He told me that that the song selection was horribly miscalcu ...
Road Head Potpourri
2506 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 6/30/07 10:33pm
Description: I wonder how many Road Head related accidents there are every year. I also wonder what the most common car in road head related accidents is. I bet its something fancy. I also wonder how many road ...
Old/Dead Badasses
3791 points (Level 8)
Date Created: 11/05/06 05:45pm
Description: All of these guys are old or dead. They are fucking badass.

In more pathetic news, I had to enter 15 out of the 21 tracks into the database. I can totally understand why no one ...
OK USA!: A Fourth of July Hangover Mix.
2989 points (Level 6)
Date Created: 7/05/06 04:19pm
Description: Im hungover from the fourth. This is a mix I made to make myself feel better. On a side note, I got pulled over by the police last night for JAYWALKING. Yup, Im str8 Gangsta.