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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
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baby sky mixtape
1727 points (Level 3)
created by vanesscafe
Date Created: 3/12/10 07:35pm
Description: dedicated to Sky
first mixtape
1727 points (Level 3)
created by vanesscafe
Date Created: 3/10/10 12:51am
Description: my first attempt....songs that give me the shivers (in a good way). usually an indication that a song is just that good, or it could just be cold(?) either way, i think these songs are cool and i thin ...
Alternative Press Nov 1993
1329 points (Level 2)
created by ZiraNMiri
Date Created: 3/08/10 04:24pm
Description: I went to a record store and found this magazine. Paid $6. To get my money's worth I thought I would make a mix out of it. Come with me to November 1993...
on the day i leave home
3352 points (Level 7)
created by hippie
Date Created: 3/04/10 07:37pm
Description: // i started this mix on 10.24.08. two months later i left home. spent the whole year living in a different state. came back home four months ago.

who knows, maybe if i'd finished the mix ...
Sunset Taste Test
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 2/20/10 08:55am
Description: When the sun goes, nobody knows what comes next. I think this mix is for when you're alone and taking walks, trying to right your heart and your head, and if you go out to a bar it's not to drink, bu ...
Indie 101
1039 points (Level 1)
created by danchez76
Date Created: 2/10/10 08:27am
Description: For someone who wanted to know more.
Woozy 2sies
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 2/05/10 06:51pm
Description: This mix was my attempt to create a themed mix for the month of January/Februrary for the FTOTZ mix club using songs with the idea of "two".

It took some tweaking, but I think it turned o ...
My Fave Beatles Tracks
1174 points (Level 1)
created by DJTRISH
Date Created: 1/27/10 01:04pm
Description: 10 great Beatles Songs
Strangers Wishing On the Same Stars
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 1/17/10 11:54am

I chose songs that were either blatantly related to the nighttime or songs which went well with the darkness. Nighttime can conjure up all sorts of emotions, especially when you're alon ...
No Fear Of Death
1454 points (Level 2)
created by zoe_jarvis
Date Created: 1/12/10 04:32pm
Description: "People living deeply have no fear of death" - Anais Nin

I Didn't Think This Through Fully...
1167 points (Level 1)
created by Pierogi
Date Created: 1/09/10 06:28pm
Description: This is my first mix tape that I am soon going to share publicly which make me quite anxious. Half of these songs I only play when I'm trying to get to sleep or when it's absolutely quite. The other h ...
SNOW-IN 2008
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 1/09/10 06:52am
Description: A cabin fever induced snow themed mix that I put together during December 2008 while snowed in. I made use of the electricity while it was available.

The cover is a picture ...
This Mix Is a Flat-Chested Woman Pretending to Be..
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 1/04/10 01:40pm
Description: This mix has body-image issues, but pretends it doesn't. On most scales, it is phat, nonetheless. From the big meaty bouncy grooves of Starfucker, to the emaciated tones of Interpol, to the sweet co ...
1211 points (Level 1)
created by mountmoon
Date Created: 1/01/10 03:10am
Description: Fucked up.
Video games a ...
Recessional to the Crypt at the Chapel of the Resurrection
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 12/26/09 11:24am
Description: My Uncle Clarence died recently. I did not attend the funeral. I received a memorial card and a memorial slide show DVD. Out of curiosity, I watched the DVD, and saw a man, several generations remo ...
8396 points (Level 14)
created by childstar
Date Created: 12/18/09 09:19pm
Description: A mix for when you're driving down a country road at night and get lost. You halfway like it though, because you're in such a good mood. A short mix for a short trip.

I describe this par ...
8396 points (Level 14)
created by childstar
Date Created: 12/18/09 09:16pm
Description: More sexy tunes for a new year! A sequel to DREAM SEX: 2009*.

*Could be played immediately following DREAM SEX 2009 for ultimate satisfaction.
A Very Merry Christmas
24931 points (Level 26)
created by Rachael
Date Created: 12/18/09 04:09pm
Description: I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I don't care if you are tired of it and the very thought of it makes you want to vomit. I LOVE IT!!! I made a mix to send to my family and friends back home. I hope you like it ...
Road Tirp!!!
29055 points (Level 29)
created by sparkymonroe
Date Created: 12/09/09 05:48pm
Description: Themed Mixtape for the the July FTOTZ exchange. It travels out and about with city jamtimers, freeway screamers, and rural ragers. At times it's a bit middle of the road, but by then it's so far off ...
Oy vey let me survive!
18423 points (Level 22)
created by beel
Date Created: 12/07/09 06:09pm
Description: all of the above