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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
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The World is Bound with Secret Knots
11541 points (Level 17)
created by brookedarrah
Date Created: 3/02/08 12:48pm
Description: This is the evergreen mix.
Animals Have Rights Too, Yknow!
1734 points (Level 3)
created by wireclock
Date Created: 3/01/08 04:13pm
Description: Presented to you by a jaded vegan who doesn't even believe in animal rights anymore.
Get Your Punk Ass Back to the Dog Show
35355 points (Level 32)
created by T-bag
Date Created: 2/29/08 01:18pm
Description: Yesterday
I just did my taxes and owe over four hundred to state and federal, my bar tab is ridiculous (I think I broke a record for the biggest employee bar tab, it's around five hundred in les ...
The Time Traveler's Wife
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 2/29/08 09:09am
Description: "I have a condition which I'm told will become known as Chrono-Impairment. I have difficulty staying in the present."

"I'm sorry?"

"I travel in time. Involuntarily."
< ...
Does He Love You?
5906 points (Level 11)
created by sunshinerecorder
Date Created: 2/28/08 10:24pm
Description: Remember that mix I made a while ago? 'If he wants me'?

He was my lover for five months. We live 400 miles apart, which made the relationship difficult. Throughout various visits and a m ...
Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up.
10059 points (Level 16)
created by spectacularview
Date Created: 2/28/08 03:39pm
Description: My roommate is my favorite person. She is fun and clean and doesn't annoy me. Last night we both got really drunk and puked. Consequently I've spent today in bed making a mix for her. She's a film ...
1521 points (Level 3)
created by Mixtape.Mixtape
Date Created: 2/28/08 05:44am
Description: so i stopped last night and couldn't think of anything else intelligent to say. i am just...endlessly disturbed that i seem to be getting like this. stupid or something? just as boring and dull and ...
Portrait of a Lady
11067 points (Level 17)
created by ballroom_pink
Date Created: 2/25/08 07:45pm
Description: A mix for ladies by a lady. Because it's a grand time to be a lady. I didn't realize that until Tina Fey told me so.
Pack it up and out
18423 points (Level 22)
created by beel
Date Created: 2/21/08 10:10am
Description: This mix has nothing to do with the Snoopy snow cone machine, but I do have one.
I had these songs in my "My Mixes", so I thought I would put it out there. Forgot my original intention with the ...
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 2/20/08 04:04pm
Description: This is a C60 mix for driving my wife's '96 Ford Windstar, on the days she has part-time work past "the point of the mountain." Stylin'

Several weeks ago I created a mix with the first ei ...
Rock N' Roll High School
11067 points (Level 17)
created by ballroom_pink
Date Created: 2/18/08 08:59pm
Description: I made this mix a few years ago when I was beginning to adjust to my life out of school, I'm still adjusting to it. I constantly want to purchase school supplies or read a book and write an essay abou ...
Potpourri (Take Deux)
26024 points (Level 27)
created by whackedtollie
Date Created: 2/16/08 07:29pm
Description: I felt like doing another potpourri mix (with entirely different songs). It was fun the first time and now I wanna do it again!
The Youth In Asia
35355 points (Level 32)
created by T-bag
Date Created: 2/15/08 02:06pm
Description: It's not from a time in my life, but I was inspired to make a mix based on the David Sedaris excerpt "The Youth In Asia" from the book Me Talk Pretty One Day. The first song that came into my mind for ...
Starving Artist
6391 points (Level 12)
created by Cassee
Date Created: 2/13/08 07:55pm
Description: Kind of gritty, kind of a poseur, occasionally brilliant.
Murder Ballads, Part I: The Canon
3599 points (Level 8)
created by KimMathers
Date Created: 2/13/08 09:37am
Description: For the last few years I've been collecting murder ballads, and thought it would be cool to organize them into a kind of "library" -- so here goes Part I. I suppose I'd call these the essentials of t ...
fuck valentines day
4075 points (Level 9)
created by the_moviegoer
Date Created: 2/11/08 09:50pm
Description: i was making a list of songs for my radio show tomorrow. the theme is 'fuck valentines day'. i also haven't made any mixes in a while, so i figured i'd use this as an opportunity to say hi, i'm alive ...
Tragic Masterpieces
3599 points (Level 8)
created by KimMathers
Date Created: 2/11/08 12:02pm
Description: Lately I've been listening to a lot of Judee Sill, the brilliant, underrated singer/songwriter of the Laurel Canyon era who was the first artist on David Geffen's label, and who died of a cocaine over ...
I Wanted To Be Donna Summer's Daughter
18423 points (Level 22)
created by beel
Date Created: 2/11/08 08:25am
Description: It's true, I thought that if I was Donna Summer's daughter, I would have a better life. Somehow it made sense in my head. Even though my mother would threaten to put me up for adoption many times, s ...
Writers' Strike Soundtrack (The end is near ...)
11067 points (Level 17)
created by ballroom_pink
Date Created: 2/10/08 06:28pm
Description: As the Writers' Strike nears an end - I hope - I look back on songs and bands I learned about through placement in television shows and shows I learned to like when they used a favorite song or band. ...
I'm Quite Ashamed of Myself.
2998 points (Level 6)
created by lostcompromise
Date Created: 2/09/08 09:04pm
Description: you remember those trasitionary phases that took you from really bad music to slightly bad music to the music that you now love? well lets just say this was my horrible Middle School Transitionary Pha ...