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Page 77  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 1521 - 1540
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 9/23/06 07:03pm
Description: Robots have feelings too! Monsters aren't funny, they aren't clever, so pay them no heed!
I Am a Robot That's In Love With You
26024 points (Level 27)
created by whackedtollie
Date Created: 9/23/06 06:25pm
Description: Robots have a variety of emotions: love, jealousy, anger, apathy. Mostly apathy, honestly. But they're hard workers! You have to give them credit for that!

(I was feeling a little laz ...
Obliteration in Binary
13975 points (Level 19)
created by shortbus
Date Created: 9/23/06 03:37pm
Description: In the not so distant future, man makes his most exciting invention yet: artificial intelligence. The machines were peaceful enough at first, but the nature of man has little room for peace. Follow ...
Super Mega Monster Battle To The Death!
14249 points (Level 19)
created by pumpkinbomb
Date Created: 9/23/06 01:13pm
Description: The soundtrack to the newest and greatest monster film to hit the cinemas. Oh and my entry to the competition.

Once, there was a huge city. The most technologically advanced city of it's ...
What is it good for?
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 9/23/06 12:56am
Description: I have always been interested by music that has a message, of songs of protest. Whether they be of the subtle variety or the hit you over the head with a mallet kind. There are examples of both here. ...
27752 points (Level 28)
created by cst003
Date Created: 9/22/06 10:58pm
Description: hey i already did this with a regular mix, so ill resubmit it for the contest.. yay.
The Rape of the Natural World. (Tetrad)
15386 points (Level 20)
created by lord_bearded
Date Created: 9/22/06 08:54pm
Description: Eaqual, Either/Or. but i think it's best at the same time as "Dyad".
The Rape of the Natural World. (Dyad)
15386 points (Level 20)
created by lord_bearded
Date Created: 9/22/06 08:52pm
Description: this mix is made to be listened to with it's counterpart. i first made it on a Tascam four track to be able to match everything up. i know i've used some of the songs before, but i had to. i hope you ...
Here Be Monsters
21781 points (Level 24)
created by d-loot
Date Created: 9/22/06 06:47pm
Description: The difference between Robots and Monsters is this:

The robot represents technology -- a thing created by humans to serve, when left unchecked will take over.

But the monst ...
Monsters on the loose
9479 points (Level 15)
created by Azuken
Date Created: 9/22/06 05:13pm
Description: Monsters > Robots.
Halloween around the corner.
Get this tape and bump.
12537 points (Level 18)
created by siobahnit
Date Created: 9/22/06 04:24pm
Description: Humanity loves playing god, and what's closer to godliness than creating?
Robots are a direct product of our own work, which is why we love them and discipline them as a parent would a rebelli ...
UNloaded - songs without too much meaning
5023 points (Level 10)
created by thethrill
Date Created: 9/22/06 12:43pm
Description: A lot of songs that I liked and wanted to share with my special friend. I tried my hardest to ensure that very few had hidden romantic meanings, as that had been a fault of mine in previous mixed CDs. ...
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 9/22/06 11:32am
Description: Doe-eyed things that go bump in the night. Godzilla is a favorite monster. Some titles include things that I really think are monsters. Some titles have "monster" in them. I'm glad for this contest. I ...
Before The Legends Had Grey Hair
5079 points (Level 10)
created by wiggaletto
Date Created: 9/22/06 09:36am
Description: I'm not one to live in the past. Actually, I advise people NOT to do that, cuz the past usually seems better than it actually was. HOWEVER, since my past is longer then my future will probably be (unl ...
Finchley Boys
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 9/22/06 05:56am
Description: I live in California now, but I come from Finchley, a suburb of North London. I like the idea of obscure thematic mixes, so I wanted to try one with music that either came from or had some connection ...
Butter That Popcorn
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 9/21/06 06:04pm
Description: Reggae, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Tropicalia, Trip Hop and more. I found that I was typing "upbeat" and "easy going" a lot while typing my first draft of descriptions. I think this mix is a reaction to the c ...
We're All In The Same Gang!
20217 points (Level 23)
created by ParYen
Date Created: 9/21/06 02:14am
Description: My idea for this hip hop mix was to start with 2Pac, end with Biggie, have J Dilla in the middle (and as many Dilla produced tracks as I could-- somewhat of a tribute) and to fill the in-between with ...
Homecoming '06 - '07
9479 points (Level 15)
created by Azuken
Date Created: 9/20/06 10:51pm
Description: The Mix ill be putting on my ipod specificly for this event. Music both me and my date will enjoy. Chill and relax. Yet fun.

FYI, I have no clue who the picture is.
For Your Sister
4381 points (Level 9)
created by Clifford_Redd
Date Created: 9/20/06 12:03pm
Description: Your sister (who's over 18, by the way) really likes me. I made a mix for her. We'll probably be related one day, you and I.
Blues Before Sunrise
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 9/20/06 04:09am
Description: A blues mix to play at night. Well, play it any time, but night time really works. It has been a shitty day. I feel old. Work will never improve in my lifetime, I will never have enough money. I am 8, ...