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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
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bea approved contest mix
12764 points (Level 18)
created by jwalker
Date Created: 8/07/06 10:03pm
Description: I started out making a mixtape for the contest of songs I have on vinyl, but then it ended up being a little more work than I had the patience for. So, I ended up doing it the iTunes way instead...so ...
me: an acrostic.
20630 points (Level 24)
created by osborne
Date Created: 8/07/06 02:08pm
Description: i'm so great, i couldn't resist creating a mixtape to sing my own praises. i really deserve it, i'm like a saint but better. and i'm humble, too, i'm the most humble person you'll ever meet. i migh ...
free jizz for free jazz!
10139 points (Level 16)
created by O_O
Date Created: 8/07/06 11:40am
Description: This is a mix of all free jazz & avant-jazz...although i don't think there's a real difference between the two of them. The general idea is that as the tracks go on, the dissonance gradually increases ...
Songs my son will learn to play on guitar!
9382 points (Level 15)
created by travisjhinman
Date Created: 8/07/06 11:03am
Description: My son is learning to play guitar, he can play some riffs already and I am excited for his continued growth. He is so talented and I believe he can learn anything he sets his heart to!
Wordless: Volume I
22330 points (Level 25)
created by eric
Date Created: 8/07/06 12:01am
Description: Installment one of my 'Wordless' franchise, this is a carefully thought out mix of a few of my favourite instrumental or otherwise wordless songs.

The first half is mellow and subdued [tr ...
20630 points (Level 24)
created by osborne
Date Created: 8/06/06 12:12pm
Description: The mixtape treads through ambience, techno, blues, pop, folk, country, rap, and Captain Beefheart. For some reason, it flows really well. OK, so there may not be bands with less than three listener ...
Maple is Magnificent
20376 points (Level 23)
created by riotsheelds
Date Created: 8/06/06 06:04am
Description: I had an enlightened experience at a skate shop today while buying Krooked Kronicles. I have ignored the skateboarding films for too long now, and I often forget how much they have actually helped me ...
side b. some phrases are hard to believe.
10139 points (Level 16)
created by O_O
Date Created: 8/05/06 11:42pm
Description: Side b. No further explanation needed.
All Ladies
4033 points (Level 9)
created by lindseylatch
Date Created: 8/05/06 08:18pm
Description: Yup, that's right, all chica's. Took a little time...A little pain and sweat. But here it is.
Wedding Reception Discos: The Mixtape
2990 points (Level 6)
created by originalusername
Date Created: 8/05/06 07:18pm
Description: Ever been sat during a wedding reception watching all those drunks dance and thought "Wow, this music really reaches out to me. I wish there was some sort of Wedding Reception Mixtape so I can take th ...
a. some phrases are hard to say.
10139 points (Level 16)
created by O_O
Date Created: 8/05/06 01:49pm
Description: This is a real mixtape i made for a person which doesn't have a unified title, only the seperate sides have titles. So here is side a.

I can't really account for the length only i know t ...
2 Minutes:Taken 2 the Limit
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 8/05/06 11:25am
Description: I made a mix a few years back that I wanted to update and post. All songs are 2 min. or less. I am quite proud of how it turned out. The first half is meant to be a sort of background music, with t ...
Logan and Sarah's GLORIOUS CAR RIDES! (Part 3)
14164 points (Level 19)
created by shadowontario
Date Created: 8/05/06 08:42am
Description: Alas the summer is ending and this is the last part of my 'Logan and Sarah' series. Camp ends August the 18th and then my little brother starts kindergarden. but I will be driving him to and from both ...
Return of the Yellow Walkman (1992-93)
20217 points (Level 23)
created by ParYen
Date Created: 8/05/06 03:31am
Description: During the 1992-93 school year I was in the 8th grade. I carried my yellow walkman to school with me. I listened to hip hop. This mix takes it back to what I was listening to in the hallways, the c ...
A mixtape without TOOL?!? =(
6006 points (Level 11)
created by shaz
Date Created: 8/05/06 12:37am
Description: Prior to creating this list, I was in possession of 19/20 of these songs. First person to guess the missing song wins a prize! ONE GUESS PER PERSON!
Lyrics + Sound = Declicous
3325 points (Level 7)
created by Ekvin
Date Created: 8/04/06 11:56pm
Description: This is a collection of songs that I love not only for their sound, but for their great lyrics. Some of these songs I love for personal reasons, and some, you should all love!
We Live in the Movies.
3246 points (Level 7)
created by fetus
Date Created: 8/04/06 09:10pm
Description: A collection of songs that represent my favorite movies.
The Scent of Plumeria Lei
4404 points (Level 9)
created by MrsJHo
Date Created: 8/04/06 06:10pm
Description: Buckle up, put your ipod earphones in, pull the brim of your Ainokea cap over your eyes and let the tears flow. This is a mix of songs for all the kama'aina--born and raised in Hawaii--making that de ...
Waiting in line for the bathroom at Cantina
13975 points (Level 19)
created by shortbus
Date Created: 8/04/06 05:09pm
Description: The stream of conciousness "poem" presented here should resonate with anyone who has had to wait in line for the mens bathroom at the bar Cantina in Corvallis, OR on ladies night. Ah the joys of wait ...
Maritime Music Mixtape
21731 points (Level 24)
created by Alice
Date Created: 8/04/06 12:44pm
Description: The theme of the day is MARITIME MUSIC! Below, you will see songs about whales, pirates, clams, sharks, oceans, and seas.

The first part of the mix is lo-fi indie, perfect for a lazy sum ...