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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
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Woe Is Me
28526 points (Level 28)
created by Eraserhead
Date Created: 10/09/06 10:59pm
Description: This is kind of a sequel to my "Melancholy Mix," although I feel that this one is a bit sadder.

Some of these songs are associated with bad memories, but most are just very good at evokin ...
Cool Factor factory
4381 points (Level 9)
created by Clifford_Redd
Date Created: 10/09/06 10:35pm
Description: Last summer, 2 months ago I decided to make a few mix cd's for my friends of songs on my computer. This is one of the mixes. Most of the songs were picked by myself and my good friend Tracy when we ...
Did You Order This?
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 10/09/06 01:21pm
Description: I wanted to see if I could make a good mix of songs with the Artists and Tracks (both) in alphabetical order. Ta-der!
King Of The Pumpkin Patch (revisited)
14249 points (Level 19)
created by pumpkinbomb
Date Created: 10/09/06 09:02am
Description: A mix of ghoulish songs to keep with your garlic and cross.

I have decided to elongate and revise my Hallowe'en mix I made earlier as we near the day itself.
still burning flames
5555 points (Level 11)
created by lolo
Date Created: 10/09/06 08:33am
Description: this mix is dedicated to the crushes i have on the member/members of all of these bands. as i went down the list, i realized i apparently have a thing for older men...
This Is All True
7865 points (Level 13)
created by Val
Date Created: 10/08/06 01:55pm
Description: Like I said earlier in the story, inmates make desperate attempts to break the boredom of prison life, but where i worked they always feared being transfered to a far away prison. This made the "dings ...
Alphabet Soup
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 10/07/06 07:26pm
Description: Here is my self imposed mission, should I choose to accept it. 26 letters of the alphabet. 26 bands, one for each letter. A mix tape that can't be longer than 80 minutes. This is not my favourite band ...
Fumer Tue!
3512 points (Level 8)
created by rubytuesday76
Date Created: 10/07/06 12:51pm
Description: I'm reaching out to the kids out there. It's a bad idea. But there are some damn good songs about smoking. I've taken liberties with the subject matter. Pete and Kate have bigger problems...
As Sad As A Basset
9137 points (Level 15)
created by Micah
Date Created: 10/07/06 06:21am
Description: this mix is dedicated to rosie my sad little basset and the songs that make her that way
Driving to Andrews and Amys wedding
8589 points (Level 14)
created by cozpud
Date Created: 10/06/06 07:16pm
Description: Picture this, four years ago, Waffle House. It was a night after a little drinking and alot of music. The show that night was strictly local, everyone knew every member of every band. Goodtimes were ...
Lose the Teeth
2660 points (Level 6)
created by perfect_grammar
Date Created: 10/05/06 09:38pm
Description: This is my first, I don't really know what I'm doing.
Fish Swish
4404 points (Level 9)
created by MrsJHo
Date Created: 10/05/06 08:27pm
Description: My fish, Fabio (a gift from one of my 5th grade students), responds when I play these tracks in our living room.
The 1
3512 points (Level 8)
created by rubytuesday76
Date Created: 10/05/06 02:42pm
Description: I take the 1 to work every day. 16th/California to Bush/Sansome. My iPod playlist reads as follows...some are my stories, some are theirs, and some are just an interlude.
Songs I love so much I could scream
24931 points (Level 26)
created by Rachael
Date Created: 10/05/06 02:35am
Description: Collection of a few songs that had an immediate impact on me for whatever unique reason. Many of them were the beginning of a love affair with that particular band or singer. Songs I'll always come ba ...
The Night We Called It A Day (You May Die)
20217 points (Level 23)
created by ParYen
Date Created: 10/04/06 10:48pm
Description: NOTE: Last week I lost a significant chunk of my story, which took all the wind out of my sails. In order to at least get my mix up, you'll notice that halfway through the mix/story, my descriptions ...
Friday Night Frozen Pizza Thing
2138 points (Level 5)
created by assemblyline
Date Created: 10/04/06 09:17pm
Description: I made this for boring friday nights.

i suppose i'll lose points or something for not adding reasons why i picked the songs. i should just activate the mix and get it over with...
cute young songs for cute young ladies
12935 points (Level 18)
created by nathunder
Date Created: 10/04/06 09:01pm
Description: When I went off to college in August, I left behind the greatest lady in the world. I made this for her. The songs on it are either ones that are important to us, or ones I knew would remind her of me ...
rush hour death wish
20376 points (Level 23)
created by riotsheelds
Date Created: 10/04/06 06:37pm
Description: So I got a bicycle, and I love it, and after a big ol' lesson on how to change tires and tubes and what not, I decided to make an ode to my new boyfriend, which hopefully won't get stolen or crushed w ...
Indie Bird Songs
1004 points (Level 1)
created by theradish
Date Created: 10/04/06 06:21pm
Description: The greatest indie songs written about or inspired by our fine feathered friends.
fuzzy scoops
12533 points (Level 18)
created by nopolian
Date Created: 10/04/06 04:19pm
Description: a cornelius song played at random on my mp3 player, and it hit spot on my mood, which was light, hazy, distorted, cool, confusing, and happy. it made me want to quit whatever it is i do in my life an ...