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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
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Nostalgia (that was that long ago?)
12814 points (Level 18)
created by immers
Date Created: 10/24/06 03:04pm
Description: I decided to make a mixtape featuring some of the tracks I was listening to in the 90s, I was in my 20s then and thought I like the best music in the world. Was I right? you be the judge; but it is a ...
Repeat: One for the road: Repeat
4381 points (Level 9)
created by Clifford_Redd
Date Created: 10/23/06 10:38pm
Description: My best friend and I took a trip out to Redondo Beach over the weekend, so we each made a cd to listen to on the way out and on the way back. We listened to mine there and then to his going home. I ...
8618 points (Level 14)
created by Bukkakeface
Date Created: 10/23/06 07:15pm
Description: If you don't like the collective works of Mike Patton, move along. There's nothing to see here.

I made this mix for a friend. I didn't want this to just be my favorite songs, I wanted to ...
Sunshine Ugly
8762 points (Level 14)
created by JShay
Date Created: 10/22/06 10:59pm
Description: I gave this to a friend of mine for her birthday. She likes adult contemporary music.
I Have a Problem
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 10/22/06 10:39pm
Description: I Buy too much music. Here is a mix made entirely out of my newer music acquisitions, some of which didnt find a place on this particular mix:
Within the last month I have PURCHASED:

What's for Breakfast?
2786 points (Level 6)
created by MrMachoRobot
Date Created: 10/22/06 07:17pm
Description: Don't underestimate a bowl of hot cereal in the morning!

This is a mix I made for a great day.
27752 points (Level 28)
created by cst003
Date Created: 10/22/06 03:43pm
Description: an idea i thought id try.

spring songs will be light, rainy & sunny.

summer will be heavier and harder edged. mindless fun.

fall will be moody and a bit dark. < ...
Unaware of time stated on Alarm Clock resting on Mantle
3188 points (Level 7)
created by s_pears
Date Created: 10/22/06 01:58am
Description: You will notice that 11 tracks are served, and I will make note of the fact that 11 is my lucky number.

The world that I have created in my dreams comes to life with gusto, only to reco ...
From The Cradle...
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 10/21/06 12:05am
Description: I saw a mixtape here which mentioned funeral music. I already have the music picked out for my funeral service (morbid, but enjoyable to plan for, strangely) so I thought I would carry it one stage fu ...
Cemetary Party
3598 points (Level 8)
created by Strike88
Date Created: 10/20/06 01:42am
Description: I like happy songs about not so happy things and visa versa.
3261 points (Level 7)
created by york
Date Created: 10/19/06 06:49pm
Description: Gather 'round, friends. Relax. Have a smoke. Listen to the swank rhythms of my lounge music.
Liberal Tendencies?
5079 points (Level 10)
created by wiggaletto
Date Created: 10/19/06 04:47pm
Description: Labels, labels... I've been labeled a few times. I've often labeled others. We all have... But it's just a label, it's not who you really are. Who you are doesn't depend on how you feel or what you we ...
Cover Story
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 10/19/06 12:42pm
Description: A simple enough premise this time. Cover versions by an odd hotch-potch of artists of well known 60's and 70's songs. Let the warped nostalgia begin! All but two of these tracks come from "tribute" al ...
School For Monsters
9591 points (Level 15)
created by PurpleCow17
Date Created: 10/18/06 09:11pm
Description: Gosh darn it, I got my dates wrong and thought I had time to submit it for the contest. But I spent all this time on it, so I present it to you anyway. Since I like to shake life up a little bit and c ...
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
5995 points (Level 11)
created by zen_arcade
Date Created: 10/18/06 08:42pm
Description: Made For A Friend. For the WACK stuff we talk about sometimes. Short descriptions, but im feeling really lazy and this is the first tape i've put up in a while.
monster mash
9137 points (Level 15)
created by Micah
Date Created: 10/18/06 04:43pm
Description: a tape dedicated to the monsters we love
i'll never go home.
11504 points (Level 17)
created by claireillinoise
Date Created: 10/18/06 09:51am
Description: this is a collection of songs that i think will always remind me of my first couple months of school in the city. i couldnt be happier here, and im adding to the soundtrack every day.
music for fleshy ones
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 10/17/06 04:10pm
Description: This is a tribute slash soundtrack to the first trade of NextWave from Marvel. Comprises chapter one through six.
Make Kyle drink
35355 points (Level 32)
created by T-bag
Date Created: 10/17/06 01:46pm
Description: Drunk jenga isn't anything new to any of us so I thought I'd make a drinking mixx for this great drinking game. Kyle has a the bad habit of picking the "drink" or "take a shot" blocks from Jenga. We t ...
Bed Ridden Minimix
8762 points (Level 14)
created by JShay
Date Created: 10/17/06 09:35am
Description: This is a mix I could listen to at least twice in a row while I'm in my bed, alone or otherwise. It's short, but well lived.