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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
Page 66  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 1301 - 1320
good times bad times
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 11/24/06 01:56pm
Description: This is a mix to my son. Fourteen songs for my fourteen month old. When someone smiles at you, and you know that that smile is yours...
3170 points (Level 7)
created by moogno
Date Created: 11/24/06 04:51am
Description: i've been lurking around here for a bit, i wanted to take it slllowwwwwwwwww.
i feel sexy when listening to these songs, a night from fast to slow. some are dancy songs, some are slow songs, so ...
It Puts the Lotion on the Skin/It Gets the Hose Again
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 11/24/06 02:13am
Description: This mix doesnt really have a theme. Its just a really good mix I made. I listen to it while I drive, Edit, Clean my room, etc.
um... this is sad
8762 points (Level 14)
created by JShay
Date Created: 11/23/06 11:58pm
Description: Rory Gilmore haunts my dreams. I hate her for it. Get out of my head, lady.
I feel like I should have a more obscure music taste to be on this site, but fuck it. I'm ready to make another kin ...
Plymouth ROCK!
12935 points (Level 18)
created by nathunder
Date Created: 11/23/06 07:42pm
Description: This is the soundtrack to a Rogge family Thanksgiving, courtesy of the boombox in the living room. These are all songs that work well in the background whilst one is eating/cooking. I also decided thi ...
Renegades of Funk
5352 points (Level 10)
created by JK
Date Created: 11/23/06 10:04am
Description: I've no fixed political opinion but I respect anyone who has something to say, thinks the world can be better, and isn't scared of saying it.
Great Adventures In The Desert Sands
20217 points (Level 23)
created by ParYen
Date Created: 11/22/06 10:57pm
Description: This is a mix for my friend Qualca.
"Transporting ions across a living membrane"...

Many moons ago, my family and I migrated from the great sands east of the Nairau River. We trave ...
Drinkin' 40's and Peepin Shortiez
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 11/22/06 12:32pm
Description: I have a special place in my heart for 90's rap. Mostly early 90's rap. Here are my favorites. Im going for more gangster-ish shit, so I don't want to hear anything about Tribe Called Quest or the ...
Sixties Freakout
12814 points (Level 18)
created by immers
Date Created: 11/22/06 11:38am
Description: A sixties compilation for you all! Maybe not the best of the sixties stuff, as I am sure you would need at least 20 mixtapes for that; but I like all of these tracks a lot and I hope you do too
'POP' says the balloon
11299 points (Level 17)
created by Rover
Date Created: 11/21/06 10:43am
Description: Some time ago, I started to make a mix for a friend of mine. She listens mostly to Whitney Houston, Pussycat Dolls, Christina Aguilera, Chris De Burgh,... kind of music. Cheesy, plain pop, and a bit o ...
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
7129 points (Level 13)
created by ShinyObject
Date Created: 11/21/06 08:46am
Description: My Mom was determined to keep filth out of her household. It didn't really stop my brother and me from damning ourselves with AC/DC, OZZY and Richard Pryor. Here are some of the more memorable music- ...
5352 points (Level 10)
created by JK
Date Created: 11/21/06 03:15am
Description: I made this for a friend who's only recently got into music. I'm trying to expand his horizons. So no real concept.
Oh You Pretty Things...
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 11/20/06 06:26pm
Description: The early 70's. Rock ran out of steam a bit. Punk was just round the corner. All kinds of shit was just around the corner, but in Britain the kids were discovering shiny clothes, impossibly huge heels ...
Run for Cover
12814 points (Level 18)
created by immers
Date Created: 11/20/06 02:45pm
Description: A mixtape containing only cover versions. Not the most original idea perhaps, but these are versions that I like. I am not suggestion for one second that all of these are better than the original arti ...
State of the Union 2.0
7135 points (Level 13)
created by spiritinc
Date Created: 11/20/06 10:06am
Description: I grew up on hip hop. It was only later that I really got into politics (or rather, anti-politics). This mix is a fusion of two things that I am truly passionate about: hip hop music, and fuckin' an ...
dave-apolloza '07
27752 points (Level 28)
created by cst003
Date Created: 11/20/06 08:36am
Description: this is the music festival im getting to curate in 07. i was given a time machine and the magical abilities to make people like each other again... we're scheduled for later in march, hopefully before ...
High School Make-Out Party
11541 points (Level 17)
created by brookedarrah
Date Created: 11/20/06 07:25am
Description: This mix is partially inspired by all the Freaks and Geeks I've been watching. Sometimes I get real nostalgic for when sex still seemed novel and mysterious and you had to devise elaborate ways to mak ...
Shag.  You.  Rotten.
12537 points (Level 18)
created by siobahnit
Date Created: 11/20/06 01:48am
Description: Sometimes shagging is about feeling sexy more than actually being sexy. The perfect act of love is confident, smooth, and just the right length of time. There's nothing worse than an endless fuck, s ...
Songs for kissing girls
22330 points (Level 25)
created by eric
Date Created: 11/19/06 08:30pm
Description: At first, I simply sifted through my collection, picking and choosing my tracks, attempting to make a cream-of-the-crop makeout-mixtape. Once it was compiled and listened to a few times, something dif ...
Let's get pissed and sing out of tune
24931 points (Level 26)
created by Rachael
Date Created: 11/19/06 05:55pm
Description: Drunken sing along mixtape and Party (dance like a crazy person) mixtape all in one