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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
Page 52  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 1021 - 1040
Friday Snow Day!!!
4065 points (Level 9)
created by mogizzle
Date Created: 4/04/07 05:17pm
Description: I made this mixtape on my third day off from school after a big snow storm. I was bored. Brought it to a friends house and played halo 2 and ping-pong while listening to it. Great way to spend a sn ...
Florida - Where America Goes To Die!
14606 points (Level 19)
created by tellinore
Date Created: 4/04/07 12:55pm
Description: Florida's a crazy place. It's probably the only place in the world where you can find so many different cultures crammed into one unified state. You have your traditional "Southerners" up in the No ...
Get that motherfcker away from the closing door
11541 points (Level 17)
created by brookedarrah
Date Created: 4/02/07 09:16pm
Description: tales from the R train.

the subway ride during rush hour into Manhattan involves equal parts fear, paranoia, awe and feverish rage. also a little bit of wonder if you're in the right mood ...
Somone took a crap on my head
18423 points (Level 22)
created by beel
Date Created: 4/02/07 08:23am
Description: This week is going to be hell!!!!! This week is going to be hell!!!!!! This week is going to be HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john travolta is a fat piece of shit
26913 points (Level 27)
created by youandme
Date Created: 4/02/07 12:48am
Description: i hate john travolta. he is a fat piece of shit. these are some songs off of his horrible movies. i can't believe i wasted an hour on imdb researching this, but i'm drunk and bored watching a movie wi ...
Us = Golden
26024 points (Level 27)
created by whackedtollie
Date Created: 4/01/07 06:14pm
Description: I feel like I'm entering a new era... my best friend (and all the other friends I've known the longest) is about to graduate high school, and I'm about to move out. Everyone's leaving and new people ...
Radio Free the Suburbs
6487 points (Level 12)
created by Danielle
Date Created: 3/31/07 09:30pm
Description: I went to high school in the suburbs of salt lake city. Fortunately, my school had a radio station and my best friend and I had a radio show. We didn't have the best selection of music, but we made do ...
Literary analysis of a different kind
6487 points (Level 12)
created by Danielle
Date Created: 3/31/07 01:32pm
Description: As an English major, I am drawn to music with literary references and thought I would start out my membership with a mix of some of my favorites. I did not hold myself to any rigid standards, so some ...
To Accompany You Whilst Sippin' A Cold Beer In The Sun!
3266 points (Level 7)
created by sley
Date Created: 3/31/07 04:09am
Description: The perfect soundtrack to an afternoon/early evening of sitting on the grass/beach sipping on some cold beers with a few mates without a care in the world!

Thats living!
Talk dirty, Turn me on, and Kiss me deadly
35355 points (Level 32)
created by T-bag
Date Created: 3/30/07 08:07pm
Description: I Accidently removed a mix I didn't want to.
I made a mix to have sex to. I climax when the mix ends, exactly when it ends, all the time, and everytime.
If you want to take the pepsi chal ...
I tap Four
3688 points (Level 8)
created by mdcafe
Date Created: 3/29/07 10:43pm
Description: I go to school in a rather boring, yet peaceful town in Indiana. This mixtape consists of songs that help me appreciate the down-tempo life I have in Indiana. Songs that are slow and beautiful. I am t ...
Life of a junkie
27752 points (Level 28)
created by cst003
Date Created: 3/28/07 08:46pm
Description: take this as audiobiographical, or as a journey. everyone has urges.. some are more powerful than others.

taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.
10059 points (Level 16)
created by spectacularview
Date Created: 3/28/07 05:59pm
Description: OK, so I've finished the second part of the mix for my Tiny MIx Tapes swap, but now I don't know which is which. This was supposed to be side B of a mix comprised of songs, new and old, that have bee ...
Music Fades and the Moment's Passed
7839 points (Level 13)
created by ViciousBleu
Date Created: 3/26/07 01:26pm
Description: This spring is off to such a strange start. I think I'll let it go on without me a bit, I'm just gonna go to the park, listen to music and draw robots.
L@^' I
4049 points (Level 9)
created by sirlyle
Date Created: 3/25/07 08:12pm
Description: For someone who has been all sorts of special to me! I laugh when i listen to this and think of you. but in a good way!!!
Cymru Rock vol. 1
21781 points (Level 24)
created by d-loot
Date Created: 3/24/07 03:31pm
Description: For some time I've been fascinated by Wales. Yet I've only seen it at night, on British Rail, speeding to Fishguard. I've read a couple of books by Niall Griffiths set in Aberystwyth and Northern Wa ...
First Sunshine in Spring
6082 points (Level 11)
created by Kathi
Date Created: 3/24/07 08:34am
Description: I like those first sunny days in spring. After a cold and cloudy winter you feel easy and are in the mood for something new. I like this feeling. Even if it's not really warm outside, it's time to sit ...
Saryl and Taryl's Swanky Lounge New House Mix!
26913 points (Level 27)
created by youandme
Date Created: 3/24/07 12:44am
Description: my lovely roommate (the looker on the left!) and i redecorated our abode after some shit went down with our other roommate (who i still love, of course!). the house is just ours now, and we've spent t ...
Nice Try You Little Creep
15386 points (Level 20)
created by lord_bearded
Date Created: 3/23/07 11:19pm
Description: So i'm pretty sure this is the best mix for this contest period.

Sorry Everybody but it is.

and it has only all the greats.

so taste my lightning shitheads.
Apples and Bannnas
4049 points (Level 9)
created by sirlyle
Date Created: 3/23/07 09:23am
Description: Just what i've been listening too. i'd give this to the cute girl i like if i ever saw her. she'd love it.