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Page 37  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 721 - 740
10 Pop Songs!
1548 points (Level 3)
created by radiosocket
Date Created: 10/07/07 01:54am
Description: 10 Indie Pop songs!
Life is a circle
6833 points (Level 12)
created by du_lait
Date Created: 10/04/07 09:48am
Description: There was never a time when the world began, because it goes
round and round like a circle, and there is no place on a circle where it begins. Look at my watch, which tells the time; it goes rou ...
You make me blush. Lover you make things right.
1989 points (Level 4)
created by celestesetsfire
Date Created: 10/03/07 09:53am
Description: I met a boy who will open my doors and kiss my cheek. He makes me blush. Things finally feel right.
Killing Fish with Our Guts
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 10/02/07 11:17pm
Description: Summer is my favorite. Yeah its hot as hades which can get heinous at times, but during this time of the year I always want to go fishing and drink lots of bears (or beers even). I have never fished ...
Fyodor got to get paid, son.
11541 points (Level 17)
created by brookedarrah
Date Created: 10/02/07 07:54pm
Description: No listen here, all of you should treasure these sad feelings the long, bitter winters bring. As they say: Gather thine cold, sunless, desolate, brooding mournful days while ye may. Besides, depressio ...
As fruit drops, flesh it sags...
28485 points (Level 28)
created by sal_paradise
Date Created: 10/02/07 06:23pm
Description: with each passing day, every person grows, metaphorically and physically. a few of these selections are strict love songs, but the growth is noticeable in each track, even if it may seem, at times, ra ...
15591 points (Level 20)
created by camilasalles
Date Created: 10/02/07 09:34am
Description: title = a girl's name.
here comes the sun
15591 points (Level 20)
created by camilasalles
Date Created: 10/02/07 08:45am
Description: er... i don't really like the sun. but me and my friends now make each other zillions of mixtapes a day. it works like this: each person choses a theme, and the others make a mix. then everyone get a ...
why can't people love the autumn?
15591 points (Level 20)
created by camilasalles
Date Created: 10/01/07 09:53am
Description: orangish/brownish songs. a mixtape to be listened to under a tree with falling leaves.
Brown Skin, Beer & Barmy Nights
24931 points (Level 26)
created by Rachael
Date Created: 10/01/07 06:07am
Description: This isn't just a summer mix. It's more specific. It's a summer NIGHTS mix, and it's made for those warm, barmy evenings when all you want to do is sit outside with your closest friends, soak up the a ...
I Hate You In The Summertime.
6390 points (Level 12)
created by JoshAwesome
Date Created: 10/01/07 04:18am
Description: Where I live it is pretty much summer everyday. You may think thats a good thing but when you want to be a sad bastard its like the clear blue sky and sun drenched streets are mocking you. In the mids ...
It Never Snows in Florida
14606 points (Level 19)
created by tellinore
Date Created: 9/30/07 10:44pm
Description: Winter is my absolute favorite season. There's a few reasons for this, but I think one major one might be the fact that I've lived in the state of Florida my entire life, and I can probably count the ...
Winter a la San Francisco
28526 points (Level 28)
created by Eraserhead
Date Created: 9/30/07 03:31pm
Description: San Francisco can be kind of a depressing place, but I mean that in the best way possible. It's always foggy, except for when it rains (in the winter) and the few days that the sun shines (in spring ...
Standing Still In Your Past
14370 points (Level 19)
created by LustyKazoo
Date Created: 9/28/07 11:15pm
Description: An Autumn mix ... a mix that brings to my mind falling leaves & stompy boots & pumpkin cupcakes & plucking guitar strings & stripy socks & favorite sweaters & no need to wear blush & scary movies & br ...
Smoking in the Rain
14606 points (Level 19)
created by tellinore
Date Created: 9/26/07 04:35pm
Description: I'm going to an Apples in Stereo concert tonight, so I need a mixtape to listen to on the way there. This is that mixtape. It's fairly random.
Kiss Kasket Full of A&W
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 9/23/07 05:03pm
Description: This is kick-off soundtrack to riding around town on a new bicycle. The mixtape name was going to be my funeral mix name, but I think it works here too. I'll be tempting fate getting on a bike again.
Seasonal Autumn Disorder
8390 points (Level 14)
created by fullcontactchess
Date Created: 9/23/07 02:27am
Description: Fall is here.

I have a batch of songs that I listen to quite a bit during Fall. However, they happen to be really depressing. I usually listen to them when it's raining out or if I just w ...
Girls are not annoying
6833 points (Level 12)
created by du_lait
Date Created: 9/22/07 03:02am
Description: My flatmate hates it when i play any music with female singers. His idea of music is slipknot or disturbed.

Im pretty sick of him shaking his head and acting all smug because he thinks i ...
It's My Birthday, and I Can Be Indie If I Want To
14606 points (Level 19)
created by tellinore
Date Created: 9/19/07 11:17pm
Description: It's my birthday, and these are some songs I really like.
i sleep better crazy, i think better sick
1789 points (Level 4)
created by burgerbaby
Date Created: 9/19/07 08:11pm
Description: shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga