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These are all of the mixtapes on the site.
Page 15  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 281 - 300
Hillside 25
4803 points (Level 10)
created by meander
Date Created: 11/22/08 11:13pm
Description: I love Hillside. I plan my summer vacation around the “Celebration of music and community” that happens every year in Guelph, Ontario the last weekend in July.

I love Hillside for ...
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 11/18/08 11:15am
Description: Through finding out more about Black Mountain, I have been listening to The Pink Mountaintops. TPM covers Joy Division's "Atmosphere", but to me it sounded like The Velvet Underground were covering it ...
The Great Gig In Luddite's Head (PART ONE)
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 11/11/08 08:20pm
Description: Back in the day I always knew that someone somewhere was recording the amazing shows I saw. Sometimes it was an official recording, sometimes a not so official soundboard capture, sometimes a recordin ...
The Sometimes I Feel Like Ignatius Reilly Blues
8893 points (Level 14)
created by RyanTheTruck
Date Created: 11/08/08 07:11pm
Description: Gosh, it must be Saturday night.
Sign of The Times (Social Cosciousness Music from 1964-75)
10168 points (Level 16)
created by RetroJoe
Date Created: 11/07/08 09:06am
Description: This is a mix I've wanted to put together for awhile. Johnny_Luddite suggested I do something like this, though he wanted it to use soul music exclusively and a narrower focus of say 1967-72, but his ...
As it was meant to happen
14606 points (Level 19)
created by tellinore
Date Created: 11/05/08 09:10pm
Description: Just a few things that I've been listening to lately. A lot of stuff from 2008.
Obama Playlist II
10168 points (Level 16)
created by RetroJoe
Date Created: 11/01/08 02:51pm
Description: This is a bit shorter than my first mix inspired by Barack Obama, but for the most part it is in the right spirit I think. I'm hoping that the two mixes can be played while in a good mood election ev ...
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 10/31/08 11:12am
Description: This is for the Halloween Parties like the ones me & my boiz used to throw back in the day where everyone would get really hammered. Thats it and thats all.

The tracks were chosen for man ...
Bubba Nosferatu
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 10/31/08 08:36am
Description: Happy Halloween. I recently watched Bubba Ho-Tep again and enjoyed it immensely. No one asked for it, but here is my version of the sequel mentioned at the end of the credits...

Elvis cro ...
1047 points (Level 1)
created by rickdog
Date Created: 10/29/08 11:53pm
Description: random stuff
is there really good stuff on here or not ?
1448 points (Level 2)
created by 99possums
Date Created: 10/28/08 08:21pm
Description: songs that i doubted this place had.
1448 points (Level 2)
created by 99possums
Date Created: 10/28/08 06:50am
Description: songs i like.
1448 points (Level 2)
created by 99possums
Date Created: 10/28/08 04:50am
Description: songs i like.
1448 points (Level 2)
created by 99possums
Date Created: 10/27/08 08:31pm
Description: songs i like.
let's give this a try.
1448 points (Level 2)
created by 99possums
Date Created: 10/27/08 07:23pm
Description: songs i like.
Swedish Sounds, vol 2
12333 points (Level 18)
created by Calaveth
Date Created: 10/25/08 05:58am
Description: Not quite how to best label this...it's mostly indie I suppose, so that should work.

It's a sample of Swedish music, mostly indie, mostly recent (though not all), for a mix trade partner. ...
28526 points (Level 28)
created by Eraserhead
Date Created: 10/24/08 07:43pm
Description: It's schizophrenic fun for the whole family!
Blast this at your next Halloween party and, uh, let the bodies hit the floor.
10168 points (Level 16)
created by RetroJoe
Date Created: 10/24/08 02:21pm
Description: This mix was inspired by the first song which was playing in my head one recent morning when I awoke.
Gary Spivey Knew I Was Going to Make This Mix Before I Did
18423 points (Level 22)
created by beel
Date Created: 10/24/08 12:47pm
Description: That's the beauty of being a psychic.

I am looking forward to celebrating Halloween more than ever this year. I don't know what I'll go as but if I had planned ahead I would dress up l ...
Soothing Sounds for Vampire
3977 points (Level 8)
created by pyramid_eyes
Date Created: 10/22/08 02:37pm
Description: Music for vampires, not just music about them. This is the soundtrack to a lifestyle, people.