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Page 25  |  Total Results: 2019  |  Showing: 481 - 500
Creeps, Freaks and Weirdos
14249 points (Level 19)
created by pumpkinbomb
Date Created: 5/14/08 12:59pm
Description: Jungle Punk and Voodoo Blues
Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck)
10059 points (Level 16)
created by spectacularview
Date Created: 5/08/08 02:56pm
Description: OK, so I made the mistake of letting my ex-boyfriend stay at my apartment. It was only supposed to be for a couple weeks. He was supposed to sleep on the couch. He was supposed to pay rent. Life d ...
Gotta Gotta Gotta Get Away.
25716 points (Level 27)
created by derhay
Date Created: 5/06/08 12:45pm
Description: Once the plan is set, I'm much less anxious.
Dan vs. Shin Akuma: The Saga
28485 points (Level 28)
created by sal_paradise
Date Created: 5/05/08 05:36pm
Description: Just a rundown of what I've been listening to lately..

Regarding Dan vs. Akuma, anyone familiar with Street Fighter knows what I mean. Dan, being the joke character, seems like an unlike ...
The Year it All Went Down
26024 points (Level 27)
created by whackedtollie
Date Created: 5/04/08 02:14pm
Description: This year I graduate high school. Ironically, though, whatever the title of this mix may say, this is not the year it's all going to go down. At least, not so far. Since I got kicked out of my high ...
10419 points (Level 16)
created by jaysix
Date Created: 5/03/08 11:43pm
Description: Just a mix. I made it in April 2008, sometime before my birthday, and listened to it in my room at the end of the night.
Stages, Poles, and Assholes.
20376 points (Level 23)
created by riotsheelds
Date Created: 5/03/08 07:03pm
Description: I don't frequent strip clubs and I'm not really a dancer. A recent trip to one made me realize that there has to be more to this than Def Leppard, Rob Zombie, and Ginuwine...right? I like to think thi ...
Fuck you very much.  Good night.
10555 points (Level 16)
created by sour_times
Date Created: 5/02/08 06:51pm
Description: A true tale of puppy love gone awry. (If you know where the cover art came from, I love you a lot.)
Vienna, after the war
6391 points (Level 12)
created by Cassee
Date Created: 4/29/08 08:43pm
Description: This mix is inspired by my favorite movie — "The Third Man" — which I think is a great travel movie. I guess my ideal vacation involves crumbling grandeur, dark alleys and a sense of unease. Seri ...
Bi-polarity in a uni-polar world
2969 points (Level 6)
created by irishsleeper
Date Created: 4/28/08 12:44am
Description: I recently was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. And none of my family believes it. i hate them. but i love them. yin and yang
Hasta La Vista, LA.  No One Likes You.
45309 points (Level 36)
created by sledgbrainerd
Date Created: 4/27/08 11:22pm
Description: I need to get out of LA in a serious way. Just for a few days i think. Its been so long since I have left its haze of smog and mental retardation.

Honestly, do people even have to test ...
27752 points (Level 28)
created by cst003
Date Created: 4/27/08 09:30pm
Description: pop isnt evil if used in the hands of good people. throughout the years these are the ones who have kept my ear and heart.
Smokey Beach with Burt and Pals
15386 points (Level 20)
created by lord_bearded
Date Created: 4/27/08 01:26am
Description: i believe it was the winter of 2003. there was a house in ashland oregon rented out by "sledge", eric, jon raby, and "wispy". oh, and "stains" lived there once too. the house was titled "lazerbeams ...
Meant to be Spent Alone
10555 points (Level 16)
created by sour_times
Date Created: 4/25/08 05:17pm
Description: I hate to fly. Like, a lot. HATE. So I drive anywhere I need to go and make any excuse in the book to avoid leaving the continent. These are the songs that find their way to the stereo every time ...
Buckshot: an Introvert's Musical Manifesto
3000 points (Level 7)
created by justanotheryokel
Date Created: 4/25/08 04:04pm
Description: For those of you proud wallflowers or weeping willows in need of some solace about your frustrated place in the world, this one's for you.
This Is How We Chill From '93 Until...
3000 points (Level 7)
created by justanotheryokel
Date Created: 4/25/08 03:09pm
Description: A welcome alternative for those who wish to go back to the days before crunk and bling.
Hour of Power
2720 points (Level 6)
created by obviousjesus
Date Created: 4/22/08 10:17am
Description: I train twice a week for brutal one hour sessions, in addition to regular gym climbing. This is the sound track for my 'hour of power' with the famed coach DW. I start sweating just listening to this.
35355 points (Level 32)
created by T-bag
Date Created: 4/21/08 04:09pm
Description: I'm drinking tea, getting ready to work out, thinking about work later. A comfortable routine that I hardly have anything to complain about (beside this stupid fucking diet I put myself on---Oatmeal ...
Space:The Final Frontier
55495 points (Level 40)
created by johnny_luddite
Date Created: 4/20/08 02:03pm
Description: There are lots of places around the world I would like to travel to, and maybe I might get to some of them. The one destination I have always coveted since I was a boy though is the great out there. O ...
why does my Mom think I'm weird?
1438 points (Level 2)
created by hollimc
Date Created: 4/15/08 05:54pm
Description: off beat sounds that bother the parentals